Date: 12/05/2019

1984 was the replica of 1947, though at minuscule size, that we threw out of our minds and memory instantly.


The whole world, not only the Sikhs, are eternally indebted to you for this video that boldly and openly states the dark reality behind the brutal and savage massacre of the innocent Sikhs in Delhi and ELSEWHERE in the Congress controlled Indian COOLIE Colony in 1984. Please rest assured that THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES.

Primarily, we can blame the entire population of BROKEN Bharat (Partitioned Indian Secular State, or "P.I.S.S.) for sleeping when the first invader came from Arabia in 712 AD. They were the ancestors of Partition and Pakistan in 1947 that devastated the Sikh community settled in Multan, Lyallpur, LAHORE and Rawalpindi.

The natives of the cursed soil were again sleeping when the Europeans crept slowly on and on, to capture more and more of our SOIL till the final citadel of resistance, the Kingdom of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, fell and the grand province of Punjab, equal in size to France, was annexed to the realm of East India Company. Our ultimate punishment at the time of the final departure of the British was to "mutilate" the country in BLOODSHED and bring the frontier down from KHYBER PASS to nondescript Wagah in the middle of our grand province of saints (Gurus) & warriors, the blessed Land of Five rivers.

15 August 1947 will always be an EYE OPENER on the character and mental state of the natives* of the land. (* Natives are those whose spiritual/religious founders were born in Hindusthan).

By 1947 the NATIVES, who had the real stake in their LAND, were completely detached from their rulers. It is appropriate to quote the example of a goat and the butcher. They, too, are completely detached from each other! When Hindusthan was mutilated, or dismembered, (by the "butchers"), there was NO popular uprising. There was not the least sign of PATRIOTISM anywhere in India. None shouted "Bharat Mata Ki Jai!" then. "Bharat Mata" lay DISMEMBERED on earth.

The WORST CRIME was to forget "Partition", throw it out of mind. The nation of slaves threw out the memory of those MASSACRES in Rawalpindi district (March 1947), Lyallpur, Lahore and the whole of West Punjab throughout that year that were accompanied by unprecedented ABDUCTION & RAPE and loss of loved ones and our hearths and homes including historic places of worship.

The EXTREME cowardice shown by ALL the Indians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains ALIKE, was to tightly shut the brain of MEMORIES of the "DEATH" of AKHAND BHARAT (India) as well as the death of MILLIONS of its citizens who were looking forward to Independence, who deserved better LEADERS- not the scum of the earth like Gandhi and Nehru.

In the last seven decades even the PRESIDENT of PI (Partitioned India) has never mentioned "Partition", the sudden disappearance of ONE THIRD OF (THE BEST OF) INDIA! There is NO memorial. There is NO designated day of remembrance. None has asked, "Who were the "dogs" who surrendered our country, known as "Mata" UNCONDITIONALLY to the home grown INDIGENOUS Muslims while totally neglecting the interest, dignity & safety of the non Muslims living, since the beginning of time, in Sindh, Balochistan, NWFP, West Punjab and East Bengal?" This DELIBERATE loss of memory was the CRIME for which punishment had to come.

Among those who were devastated by the FRAUD & BETRAYAL called "PARTITION", the Sikhs were the worst sufferers. The community was decimated, uprooted and was forced to migrate to unwelcoming Hindusthan, and hostile Jawaharlal Nehru (in love with Edwina Mountbatten), who perceived the millions of refugees as "NUISANCE". One can only shed tears of blood over the lack of courage and patriotism among the other States in India who failed to rise in revolt, failed to "eliminate" Nehru for his High Treason!

Congress Raj was, in reality, ALIEN DYNASTIC DICTATORSHIP. Their draconian hold over the suppressed and oppressed NATIVES was complete. 1984 was no different from 1675.

When Guru Tegh Bahadur was BEHEADED in the centre of Delhi, there was NO mass UPRISING by the natives. They could only wail and cry and wring their hands in resignation. That was the 'state of the HINDU nation' in 1675, rolling in mud!

In 1947 when Lahore and East Bengal were surrendered without any reason or condition (Traitor NEHRU did not require a single Muslim to move to Pakistan in 1947 while giving them ONE THIRD of India for their sovereign Islamic homeland), there was NO mass UPRISING BY THE NATIVES. Everyone, INCLUDING THE BADLY MAULED SIKHS, accepted the fate of Punjab (and Mother India) in resignation. That was the 'state of the nation' in 1947, covered in the mud of defeat & surrender!

The NATIVES had not progressed in awareness, or courage, even PATRIOTISM, a millimeter since 1674. Thus EMBOLDENED the arrogant, autocratic prime minister, a secret convert to Islam, MAIMUNA BEGUM aka INDIRA GANDHI dared to set up the trap to degrade and demoralize the brave Sikh community. Her logic: "Finish off the bravest of the brave and then rule the slave colony for ever!" The freedom loving brave Sikhs, who could defeat the Afghans to capture KHYBER PASS, were perceived to be a serious threat to the (Nehru) Dynasty of Dictators.

1984 could have been avoided had the Sikhs kept awareness of Partition (1947) alive. They would have won great respect of the Hindus and thus restrict the extent of the strangulating hold of the dynastic rulers over the whole of the Hindu nation. Indira Gandhi (Maimuna Begum), the political "WITCH" of "KALYUG", dared to launch the army action only because she perceived the Sikhs to be WEAK and the Hindus DEAD.

She could conveniently disregard the impressive history of the Sikhs and their legitimate place in the nation's heart. After all, who did the Kashmiri Pandits come to, for help? Those Hindus perceived Guru Tegh Bahadur to be MORE influential than all the SHANKARACHARYAS put together! It was this CONNECTION that the EVIL Dynasty wished to destroy for good.

If the Sikh memory is so short on PARTITION and also on 1984 as to give power to the same treacherous Congress Party in East Punjab that surrendered Lahore and Sri Nankana Sahib unconditionally, and one third of India without demanding Referendum in 1947, then God help "Broken Bharat" that is now ONE fragment out of THREE. The other two are Islamic Bangladesh to the East and Islamic Pakistan to the West.

Hindusthan may sleep over the genocide of INNOCENT Sikhs in 1984 but the wheel of destiny is still rolling. There is the precedence that "THOSE WHO OCCUPY LAHORE TODAY WILL OCCUPY DELHI TOMORROW!"

Nehru, who surrendered Lahore in 1947 and his daughter who launched the army attack on Sri Harmandir Sahib in 1984, have put a question mark over the fate of Delhi.

11 May 2019