Date: 23/05/2013

Subject: -=Kashmir-Interchange=- Diversity-USA Condemns killing a Pandit by starvation in J&K



May 23, 2013

Not content with the complete uprootment and expulsion of Hindus
and Sikhs from the Kashmir region the Wahabi regime of India's J&K
State seems to have started exterminating the infidels by starving
them to death exactly the same way as the Nazis used to get rid of
the Jews. Diversity-USA, a National Democratic Think Tank in
America, has strongly condemned this new callous and criminal
trend emerging in the Muslim politics of the only Muslim majority
state of India which is predominantly ruled by the Sunni Wahabis
of the Kashmir Valley.

The case in point is that of Shri Kamal Ji (35), a Kashmiri
Hindu who was housed in government built Jagti Satellite
Township (JST) by the authorities. The JST was established in
the Jammu region, following the communal policies by the
Indian and Kashmir Government's, against the heavy opposition
by all Hindu organizations. As it turned out JST might have
been a pre-curser to building a proposed "Nav-Srinagar" or
Twin-city. The officials from Srinagar to Delhi proclaimed JST
to be a heavenly abode for the homeless Hindus from Kashmir
where blessings from heaven were supposed to make life worth
living once again.


That illusion however, was exposed by Mr. Rakesh Bhat, one of
the representatives of the JST dwellers while responding to
the comments made by a fifth generation young lady of the
Nehru-Gandhi dynasty (Priyanka Wadra). Ms. Wadra had said that
"after establishing peace in J&K we will surely work for the
restoration of the Kashmiri Pandits". Mr. Bhat replied "forget
about restoration, see the plight of our people in Jagti Camp,
no water, no electricity, garbage every where and abundant bad
smell has enveloped all the dwelling space of KPs"

The Pandits who have experienced dehumanization,
discrimination, the decimation of their society and
displacement at the hands of Sunnis through all the seven
exoduses knew that these settlements were not going to provide
them the blessings of resettlement but the curse of
concentration camps, shanty towns and ghettos. Sadly enough
their apprehensions have become a reality. One cannot expect
decent dwellings out of dishonest thought process, dishonest
planning and dishonest efforts of a dishonest Govt.

Death By Starvation

Thus under the command of the dishonest and corrupt system put
to use by an authoritarian Islamist regime young Kamal Ji was
lodged in the JST quarters. The reluctant state authorities
grudgingly continued to supply his ration etc. as they did in
the case of the other displaced folks and JST dwellers. But
one day with out any rhyme or reason, without any previous
notice, even without alerting the neighbors and with clear
criminal intent, Kamal ji's ration supply was stopped. Knowing
that the young man did not have any resources to support
himself and that he was unemployed and not stable and
competent mentally the Govt. still considered it appropriate
to deny his ration and leave him to starve to death. In this
age no system of Govt. has any right to resort to starving its
citizens to death. However, in the present case the J&K Govt.
placed the young man in to the concentration camp, then denied
him food and killed him. This heinous crime by the J&K Govt.
must not go unpunished. Today they killed a Pandit who was
mentally disturbed, tomorrow they could do the same to sick,
then to the weak and seniors - When is it going to end? Isn't
that exactly what Hitler did to Jews in Germany? The
criminality of this crime is further high lighted by the fact
that the Wahabi authorities of the state placed individuals
supporting Hindu names as executors of this murderous command.
Was it an error in judgment or a strategy to pitch Hindu
against Hindu?

Dr. Singh Must Act:

Diversity-USA demands that the crime of killing this young KP
by starvation was committed by J&K Govt. and it must be held
responsible and universally condemned for it and Dr. Man Mohan
Singh, the Indian Prime Minister, must take swift action for
bringing the culprits to book. If Kamal Ji were a terrorist
who had crossed over from PoK, the Indian as well as the J&K
Govt. would have showered upon him lakhs of rupees, given him
a job, land, house and all the other facilities and amenities.
Thousands of Muslims have benefited and profited in this way
at the cost of the Indian tax-payers. However, Kamal's major
curse has been that he was a Hindu in Hindustan.

During the past nearly quarter of a century the Indian and
Kashmiri authorities have failed to issue a White Paper,
conduct judicial inquiry or for that matter any investigation
into public executions, murders, rapes, abductions, massacres,
ethnic cleansing and genocide of Hindus and Sikhs. They failed
to investigate vandalizing and looting of their places of
worship and forcible occupation of their properties. These
authorities even ignored to enforce the directive of a
parliamentary committee for the return of properties illegally
occupied by the Wahabis or declare any sales of Hindu
properties after 1989 as sale under "duress". Their failure in
these cases itself constitutes a saga of crimes. The question
remains if the authorities will investigate with any amount of
impartiality and judiciousness Kamal Ji's murder committed by
one of the Govt. Departments.

Independent Commission should Investigate

The Diversity-USA warned that if India wants to command any
respect in the community of nations it must condemn and punish
the perpetrators of this crime and inhumanity. It must also
appoint an independent commission to investigate this serious
violation of human rights. The departmental investigation as
contemplated by the local authorities is insufficient,
whitewash and untrustworthy. How can the department that
engineered to kill this young KP be rational, judicious and
impartial? Won't it be like "the fox investigating the hen

Furthermore, how can the Indian Parliament and Govt. appointed
Interlocutors, who have recommended establishing a
Nav-Srinagar in the Kashmir Valley, supposedly to rehabilitate
the ousted Hindus and Sikhs, guarantee that these crimes will
not be replicated in the proposed Twin City and that
Nav-Srinagar won't be turned in to the "death valley" by the