Date: 12/05/2019

Even after the caesarean operation of Bharat Mata the poisonous putrid foetus ("MOHAMMED") was not taken out!

Thank you,

We need to investigate the motivation of people like Sidhu who was "desh bhagat" one day but today riding the bus of our KILLERS and those who "celebrate" Independence on August 15 instead of hanging their heads in shame, recalling the historic defeat and the vast territorial surrenders- and the grave challenges facing Bharat in the near future since that "Partition" was FAKE, a FRAUD and a badly BOTCHED affair. Even after the caesarean operation of Bharat Mata the poisonous putrid foetus ("MOHAMMED") was not taken out!

Independence from whom?, when Nehru was quick to catch the falling star from the sky and instantly turned sovereign Bharat into his own subservient "COOLIE COLONY", forcing his own "pseudo-secularism" upon the captive nation while fully approving of the fundamentalist ISLAMIC Constitution (approved by liberal secular democratic Britain!) promulgated in the severed parts of Bharat where the Non Muslims were massacred or forced out in toto?

Hindus lost their IDENTITY & DIGNITY in one second! The aftermath of that constitutional betrayal is seen even today. Hindus, the majority community, are extinct in West Punjab, East Bengal and South Kashmir, under threat in West Bengal and trembling like a leaf in wind in Ayodhya. Hindu leadership is in a state of paralysis if we notice the lack of consensus over the new Constitution and ignorant of the implications of having the MUSLIMS despite PARTITION! ALL THIS HAS CONSEQUENCES!

The most important Temple in Bharat is the subject of discussion at the "sarkari" Supreme Court whose despicable judges, under the motto "Nehru above Hindusthan!", accept the Partition of India as FINAL and the breakaway Islamic Republic of Pakistan (created without Referendum or Resistance) as legitimate.

People, who were expected to ELIMINATE Nehru on the day he signed the unconditional surrender of Lahore and Chittagong, actually adored him as their great liberator, overlooking the crimson glow of fires of BURNING Lahore, Multan and Rawalpindi over the horizon.

What patriotism was that? What public AWARENESS was that? What LEADERSHIP was that? It is shocking, disappointing and amazing that people of Delhi have not risen to re-name "JL Nehru university" as "NETAJI BOSE UNIVERSITY" and "Abdul Kalam Road" as "Gen Hari Singh Nalwa Road" and "Indira Gandhi Int'l Airport" as "Guru Tegh Bahadur International Airport". TILL THESE NAMES ARE CHANGED WE SHOULD REGARD THE HINDUS AS SERVANTS OF THE DEFEATIST GANDHIAN MENTALITY AND SLAVES OF THE PRO PAKISTANI NEHRU DYNASTY.

Seventy-two years have passed since that absurd divisive PARTITION. Yet "Jinnah House" is being maintained at public expense in Mumbai. The nation is a "RABBLE" if they never heard of SPANDAU PRISON in Berlin and why it was blasted out of existence, or, never felt the "Shakti" of the Divine Hand that eliminated THREE "Gandhis" (MK, Indira & Rajiv), one after the other, who committed the ORIGINAL SIN and then tried to keep the Hindus ignorant, impoverished, intimidated and DIVIDED, in order to perpetuate their own absolute control over Bharat..

At this moment in history we have fingers crossed about the future of Bharat but regret the fact that there are OPPOSING forces to the "Son of Soil", Narendra Modi, instead of 100% optimism about his unprecedented VICTORY.