Date: 12/05/2019


Shrewd and clever politicians know the right moment in history, and then strike. Success depends on surprise.
We believe that it is the right time now to abolish Article 370 and integrate J&K State like EAST Punjab and West Bengal in India. The liquidation of IS (Islamic State or Daesh) and the brutal Islamic attack on churches in Sri Lanka has created the right moment for world understanding for India's strike!

One should never forget the STRIKE that Maimoona Begum, friend of Pakistan, did not do when the time was right. In 1972 after the defeat of Pakistan it was "child's play" to recover North Kashmir. But that "WICKED WOMAN" was not for recovering an inch of Indian territory occupied by Pakistan. Hence she neither annexed East Bengal after capture in 1972 (what Russia did in KOENIGSBERG and CRIMEA), nor abolished Article 370!

It was also "wicked" of Dynasty not to attend to the historic Temple in Ayodhya that must have been as grand and splendid as Ang Kor Vat in Cambodia. Indian tourists should be encouraged to go there rather than Spain and Italy!

Modiji, please ACT as soon as possible. You have only two choices: 1. Abolish Article 370 and fully INTEGRATE J&K State, or 2. Adjust demography by settling DOGRA and SIKH ex services families along the "CEASE-FIRE LINE". And if you call it "Line of Control" then please wrest CONTROL as soon as possible.

PARTITION made India limbless while Article 370 looks like crutches. Is that all right?