Date: 16/05/2019

Some patriots are demanding President's rule in West Bengal to bring situation under control. But it will not happen.

Futile to expect an initiative, or a miracle, from those who dare not even say one word: "PARTITION"! There is a long history of public expectation and the rulers' BETRAYAL.

When Delhi was burning (those three days of "Hell" for our innocent fellow citizens, 1984), all the fire engines were locked up!

There is a long tradition of BETRAYING the fellow citizens in Hindusthan.

Earlier when Sindh was invaded, 712, the neighbouring Gujaratis, Rajputs and Marathas looked the other way. "Final solution" ("ENDLOESUNG") reached Delhi, via Multan and Lahore, in 1192 AD.

In 1947 the old tradition had again "frozen" the guts and brain of the nation. When Lahore, Karachi, Gilgit and Chittagong came under attack, our own prime minister, NEHRU, sent a telegram to Jinnah, "Congratulations on becoming Governor General of Pakistan. Your house in Bombay will be maintained by the Hindus."

Day before yesterday, 1947, it was West Punjab.

Yesterday, 1991, it was South Kashmir ("marching orders" to the Pandits in Srinagar).

Today, 2019, it is East Bengal.

Of course, we can close our eyes and hope the cat won't see us! In "Broken" Bharat tomorrow "Bhagwan bhalli kare gaa!"