Date: 21/05/2019

Spreading Truth is the highest virtue as well as service to mankind.

Indeed, the BETRAYAL of India and her people was of Himalayan size - and EVERLASTING. What value did the top Hindu leaders place on our cities and towns, farms and fields, holy place and shrines, and families with the young and the old? How can we measure the magnitude of their High Treason when the brain is so small to comprehend the ENORMITY of the territorial loss, or seriously assess the IMPLICATIONS thereof?

It's a further disgrace that the most humiliating and disgusting surrender of our entire history is merely called "PARTITION", overlooking all those massacres and bloodshed and the millions forced out of their homes in three clothes. The unprecedented historic DEFEAT of Hindusthan (Bharat or India) is "celebrated" as INDEPENDENCE!

Karachi, Lahore, Gilgit and Khyber Pass and the whole of East Bengal, now a land barrier between Hindusthan and the Buddhist countries to the East, and the seas with great potential, all had great strategic value as national wealth and also as DEFENCE potential.

That great sub continent is NOW reduced to a mere middle fragment with ISLAMIC fortresses on either side whose function is only to destabilize Bharat and eventually overwhelm the REMAINS of Hindusthan as they did before.

Gandhi and Nehru had ZERO attachment with the sacred soil of Bharat and, how LUDICROUS of Nehru, in particular, to use two different yardsticks for Lahore and Dhaka on one hand and Srinagar on the other! The former two were "thrown out of the window like dirty rags" while "Broken" Bharat will be prepared to use even nuclear bombs to defend Srinagar! What mockery? What common sense? What reversal of logic? What patriotism of those TRAITORS who are still adored and celebrated as great leaders?

The whole Hindu race, the real masters of the land called Hindusthan, is DEGRADED in perpetuity if we behave like the TERRIFIED parents of the teenage daughter who was forcibly carried off by the rascals when they said in despair, "It is too risky to pursue the "bast*rds" to rescue our daughter!"

How is it that the chapter on that surrendered territory (not a couple of villages but one third of India!) was instantly, and FINALLY, closed without either cursing and abusing the top level duo and putting their names on the "ROLL OF TRAITORS", or even aspiring to recover the lost lands through peaceful means?

Let it take a THOUSAND years. So what? At least our Hindu nation will be "ALIVE" all those thousand years while now, without that endeavour, hope, aspiration, courage and touch of patriotism, we are all DEAD.

How strange! How incomprehensible! How ridiculous! What we call “Himalayan” blunder (Subject line above) we are not prepared to treat even as the minuscule speck of dust in the eye (by totally DENYING Partition)!

The Truth is that both Nehru and Gandhi were despicable rotten "scum" to the core when they agreed to surrender Khyber Pass, Lahore, Sri Nankana Sahib, Sylhet and Chittagong- and a LOT MORE besides.