Date: 21/05/2019

The following extracts, courtesy writer of the book, "The Kaoboysof RAW", show the autocratic and dictatorial style of rule by NEHRU Dynasty over PARTITIONED India after the departure of the British in 1947. This period of EXTENDED SLAVERY of the Indians ought never to be forgotten.
From the book - “The Kaoboys of RAW”

“For reasons which were not”“clear, Rajiv Gandhi wanted the initial crop of officers of the SPG to be trained by Italian experts----
though the Italian security services were not particularly known for their expertise in this field. They
used to impart the training in a guest house owned by the R&AW away from Delhi. There were
complaints of rude behaviour by the Italian experts towards the trainees. It was even alleged that one
of the Italian experts slapped a trainee.”


“In India, we have not had even a detailed debate in the Parliament----not to talk of parliamentary
enquiries--- about one instance of the penetration of the PMO by the French intelligence detected after
Rajiv Gandhi became the Prime Minister, two instances of the penetration of the R&AW by the CIA
during the tenure of Rajiv Gandhi and Vajpayee, one instance of the penetration of the IB again by the
CIA during the Prime Ministership of Rao and one instance of the penetration of the National Security
Council Secretariat (NSCS) again by the CIA detected during the Prime Ministership of
Dr.Manmohan Singh. The NSCS is part of the PMO.”


“The Bofors scandal brought out some of the worst traits in our intelligence and investigative
agencies. The very same officers, who placed their services at the disposal of Rajiv Gandhi for
assisting him in his cover-up exercise and advised him as to how to do the cover-up, volunteered
their services to V.P.Singh, when he succeeded Rajiv Gandhi as the Prime Minister after the elections
of 1989, for bringing out the truth and having Rajiv Gandhi fixed.”
“A Swedish non-governmental organization had alleged that the company had paid commissions to certain persons, allegedly close to Rajiv Gandhi and his family. It had also been alleged that the Hinduja brothers, a Sindhi business family, were one of the beneficiaries of the commission payments. The headquarters of their business ventures were located in London and looked after by Srichand Hinduja, the eldest brother. They had a big office in Geneva, which was being looked after by Prakash Hinduja, his brother. Srichand used to visit Geneva often.