Date: 21/05/2019

As if what was given up, significant part of India to make Pakistan out of it, was not enough, Mr Nehru also became greater bhoodan leader than Vinobha Bhave when he gave 60,000 sq miles of Himalayan frontier of India where he said not even a blade of grass grows.

Still he kept donating as if India was a private preserve to be parceled out to all and sundry- Coco islands to Burma, they are now naval base for China, Rann of Kutch to Pakistan , he took Kashmir issue to UN but not Gilgit Baltistan or Balochistan.

He refused to accept merging of frontier province of NW with India which was requested by Khan Abdul Gafar Khan, saying it is too far from truncated India, but had no qualms to donate E Bengal to become E Pakistan which is even far away from W Pakistan.

Any how with Congress and Mahaghadbid marching into oblivion whose leaders care even less for India than Gandhi, Nehru of yesterday , with NDA govt led by BJP headed by Narendra Modi, hope that Himalayan blunders will begin to be solved can be cherished.

Even if India wants peace, Pakistan will not let that happen as the latest attack in Pulwama has shown. So it will provide opportunities for Himalayan blunders to be mended. Let us see.