Date: 22/05/2019


What is so different this time is the fact that the ignorant, servile "camp follower" Hindus have woken up, grown in stature, become united, confident and ASSERTIVE with raised awareness for the first time in a millennium.

We should all rejoice and convey our feelings of joy to each and every citizen of Bharat back home, and congratulate them for wisdom, true patriotism and real independence. Our 72-year old dream of "Congress-Mukt Bharat" has come true today! That aspiration was born when we were fleeing our homes in three clothes, in utmost panic and haste, leaving everything behind including our girls and women who were abducted, and our kith and kin who were murdered all over Pakistan. This was real Hindu Holocaust, several times more in magnitude than Malabar and Noakhali. Millions of those fleeing Hindus wanted to go for the throats of the top leaders who BETRAYED us and the country. We dreamt of "Congress-Mukt" Bharat. Thank you, Modiji, you have given us "Congress & Dynasty-MUKT Bharat."

There are critics at home and abroad and we need not wonder as to why they are not happy. They have lost the "Golden Sparrow" ("SONE KI CHIDIYA") Hindusthan, that they invaded repeatedly for our immense WEALTH, and reaped rich crop of CONVERTS as well. What a DISGRACE that a Bengali or a Punjabi Musalmaan considers the Arab as his brother (even "father") but the next door a good Hindu neighbour as his enemy! (His Koran describes the Hindu as "Kafir"). What a SHAME that we let them capture Lahore and Dhaka so easily and never had the courage to counter attack!

With "TABLEEGH" (CONVERSION) their core doctrine, they know that there is NO NON-MUSLIM LEFT ALIVE in all Islamic countries and there are NO "soft" and welcoming nations on earth any more, except Hindusthan.

Maulvis, Mullahs and Missionaries (3 M's) plus the powerful Italian MAFIA and the anti Hindu (NEHRU) Dynasty have good reason to be upset today while the rest of Hindusthan ought to light the lamps like DIWALI tonight.

Word of caution at this moment of rejoicing: Please do not relax but BUILD upon what you (the patriotic BJP & the Hindu nation) have attained so far. Never underestimate the enemies who pay lip service to secularism in order to deceive the gullible Hindus.

The main challenges are obvious, like Article 370 and the Temple in Ayodhya but we need to show concern about the one that is invisible but with LETHAL implications. Those of us who escaped the massacres in Pakistan- East and West, in 1947, have had one nightmare every night (and day)- THE SAFETY OF DELHI AFTER THE FALL OF LAHORE! The rapidly changing demography in Bharat will bring this about! What will be the use of crying afterwards, like the Americans after Pearl Harbour and the Nine-Eleven attacks?

Today's resounding VICTORY of BJP can make us easily forget about the "NUMBERS GAME" that played havoc with our AKHAND BHARAT in 1947. Instead of dwelling on Partition day and night, in order to become wiser about our ENEMIES, the entire ruling class simply deleted "Partition" from their vocabulary and thus, left the Hindus, the perennial VICTIMS, as ignorant as before 1947 about the CONTINUING invisible struggle for Bharat's LAND.

Since Partition is never discussed, no lessons could be learnt from it. One lesson was to keep a close eye on the MUSLIM numbers. Most all-loving and all-trusting natives of Hindusthan do not recall that once the frontier of India was at Khyber Pass and even Afghanistan was Buddhist! Logic dictates that if the Muslim numbers go on increasing DISPROPORTIONALLY as at present, then one day DELHI, too, will go the way of Lahore.

So what ought to be done now on highest PRIORITY despite the spectacular BJP victory?

New CONSTITUTION for "Hindu Rashtra" that will have fool-proof content to perpetuate the HINDU nature of the country. That alone will stop the ongoing EROSION of morale and numbers of the Hindus in Hindusthan.

23 May 2019