Date: 24/05/2019

IT WAS A DREAM OF THE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS (of betrayed & brainwashed, demoralised & "constutionally secularised", Hindus) WHO MEAN IT WHEN THEY SAY, "Bharat MAATA" (MOTHER India) TO SEE "CORRUPT CONGRESS-MUKT" AND "DIRTY DYNASTY MUKT" BHARAT at last.

The "LION OF GUJARAT", who brought about this tectonic, or sea- (social, spiritual & political) CHANGE in Hindusthan ought to be HONOURED & CELEBRATED by all.

He is the BEST "replacement" (substitute) of MK Gandhi who did not undertake even two minutes' fast in protest when LAHORE, MULTAN and DHAKA, Karachi, Khyber Pass and Chittagong, were DELETED from the map of his (Mother) India, and MILLIONS of Hindus condemned to death and destruction, abduction, rape and conversion, without Reason or Referendum.

All what is now left to attend to urgently, is the "sore thumb" sticking out of "Rashtrapati Bhawan". It is called "Vidhan" or the CONSTITUTION of HINDUSTHAN from the time of PARTITION.

Modi's Hindusthan needs a new dynamic "Vidhan" for 21st century in order to give clear IDENTITY (and the promise of prosperity & peace in the future) to Bharat.

25 May 2019.