Date: 30/05/2019

Please inform yourself on the "birth" of ISLAMIC Pakistan and decide on her legitimacy in civilized secular world. Legally, her fate is in SUSPENCE, subject to Referendum, and Divine retribution!

There are also OTHER circumstances emerging under which Pakistan will "evaporate" due to lawlessness and disorder or APOLOGISE and pray (& plead), upon her knees, to COME BACK to Mother India where their FOUNDERS (including Qaid-i-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah) were born, and where MORE Muslims are living in peace, and better FED and better EDUCATED, than all the Muslims in Pakistan.

You mention her ATOM BOMB! So what? A saboteur can explode it where it is stored! And if used, the retaliation by India, that will follow, will wipe out Pakistan completely. Truth does NOT bend or break on the basis of bombs or bullying. There is something called morality and divine interference beyond a man's comprehension. You also ought to know that "TRUTH always TRIUMPHS!" Pakistan's birth was not immaculate but CAPITAL SIN and HIGH TREASON.

In 1939 many cowards advised Great Britain not to provoke Hitler over Poland. You ought to recall the end of Hitler despite his formidable V2's!

Please watch PAKISTAN gradually turning into "Libya and Syria" due to the very nature of Islam, good for the wild savages in 7th century AD (four wives, stoning to death, amputation of limbs, happily killing the Kafirs, enslaving the Jews & Christians, hating the Hindus, and so on!) that was forced upon their ancestors during the centuries of brutal, hostile and repressive Mogul era (details and the manner of widespread killing, abduction & rape, and destruction of temples, will shock you), and mass FORCIBLE conversions by the threat of "ISLAM OR DEATH?", and Jezia tax!

By race and culture, Pakistanis are not Arabs or Afghans! They are indistinguishable from the other residents of the sub continent. They don't even have to pray in the Arabic language, nor look towards Mecca for salvation, when God Almighty also sent His "sons and daughters" to the noble Land called Hindusthan!

Ultimately, all the Pakistanis will come to hear of the teachings of Gautam Buddha, Sri Krishna, Sri Ram and Guru Nanak Dev, and, recovering their self-esteem, pride and dignity, realize their ideological aberration and revert to the religions of their own ANCESTORS in Hindusthan!

India does not have to invade Pakistan. Pakistanis themselves will realize their monstrous crime in betraying the land of their birth, and come back. The three countries will automatically become one for mutual interest, peace and prosperity. Expense on the three armed forces will become a fraction of the current combined bill. Sounds logical? Sounds common sense?

I hope this has been helpful in seeing the innate inferiority complex and discomfiture (split personality) of the Pakistanis who are praying like the Arabs while living like the Indians!

Pakistanis, betrayed and fooled by the founders of Pakistan (who were all born in India but totally brainwashed and disorientated by the British masters!) are India's "Prodigal sons"!