Date: 31/05/2019

There is an excellent news that is worth celebrating.

It is the news about the "HIND BALOCH FORUM" that has been established to reach out to the enslaved Balochistan. It's a PUBLIC initiative in Bharat and we call upon all people of the world to support the Forum to success.

The world knows the BOGUS, ILLEGAL & UNDEMOCRATIC basis of the artificial Islamic Pakistan, hastily carved out of the body of SECULAR, DEMOCRATIC United India in 1947 without any thought about the feelings of the Bengalis, Punjabis, Pashtoons, Tamils, Kashmiris and the Balochis, but on ONE criterion only, RELIGION that was already obsolete by the end of World War 2,

Let that FRAUD on India be dissolved now. Let Pakistan pay the price of exterminating her Hindus and the atrocities committed on the Bengalis till 1971 and the brutal suppression of the Baloch nation since 1948.

What a contrast between Nehru and Modi. One suppressed the nation and KILLED FREE THINKING. Modiji is encouraging enterprise, all round development, progress and freedom of expression.

We should all embrace the persecuted Baloch people and support their movement for FREEDOM from the dark, strangulating, repressive, primitive and antiquated "Islamic" grip of the backward looking Pakistan that is specialising in international terrorism.

1 June 2019