Date: 05/06/2019

1. Everyone has his views. Let Government do its job, which majority of Hindus elected them.

RSS and BJP are aware that Hindus, for a change , were united and elected BJP, who are looking interest of Hindus.

2. The need of the day for members of Patriots , are we EDUCATE the present generation, who are less than 50 years age , about(a) Our correct history and how Hindus were treated by Muslims/ British/ congress/ Leftest(b) Our Hindu culture which is , based on Vedas (c) New education system which we must adopt (d) Necessity of change of Constitutions( e) more of Nationalism among Hindus (f)Keeping"I, Indian Muslim at there "PLACE", before they become rough.(f) Unity of Hindus (g) etc, more issues

3. If we do what is desired as given at Paragraph 2 above , then Hindus can be dominant people in the world.+