Date: 05/06/2019

If Bharat is kept “SECULAR” by fraud or Constitution, it will have to be PRO MUSLIM in order to "prove" its secular credentials.

The Hindus, despite being the majority, will be neglected by the RULING establishment and suffer like the plants that are not watered, wither away.

The majority community will go on getting weak and demoralized, bashed and battered, and find itself at the “receiving end” as we have seen in “secular” India since 1947 where the Muslims are feared, and the Italians are trusted and respected, while fellow Hindus are loathed & neglected all over, not only in Srinagar, Lok Sabha and West Bengal!

But if Bharat becomes HINDU Rashtra it will not only ensure the survival of the Hindus (the NATIVE stock) but, strangely, also protect the Muslims and other minorities due to its innate strength and being self-assured & self-confident. This is the case in the West where the Christian edifice is too strong to worry about the Muslim winds.


6 Jun 19

PS: In “HINDU RASHTRA”, an arrogant, Hindu-hater, Muslim convert female, Indira Gandhi, would never have played havoc with our freedoms by imposing draconian Emergency, nor destroyed the peace in East Punjab, or played Hell with the (Hindu) Tamils in Sri Lanka. She would have had to fight elections under her real name, MAIMUNA BEGUM, and declared her RELIGION as ”Muslim”! The ITALIANS would have long disappeared, leaving much LOOT behind.

As a genuine Hindu Indira Gandhi (still using her immaculate Hindu name!) would have recovered North Kashmir in 1972, re-built the Grand Temple in Ayodhya within two years of taking the Oath of Office, repealed Article 370 in J&K State, and never thought of misusing the troops to attack Sri Harmandir Sahib on the occasion of GURPURB in order to kill indiscriminately!

As a HINDU she would have united and strengthened the Hindu nation, and given us a clear IDENTITY and a sense of PRIDE & SECURITY. As a MUSALMANI the “political Witch” ruined the peace in West Bengal, let the Hindus perish in South Kashmir and left the Hindus and Sikhs in East Punjab divided and embittered, in order to please her cousins in Pakistan and "Rasul Allah" in Mecca.

"HINDU RASHTRA" on Day 1 (August 15, 1947) would have ensured peace in the country and seen Hindusthan as a power house and economic giant like China today.

Now let the nation decide on their next CONSTITUTION in the light of above facts- but NOT dither and dilly dally for the next 70 years! There will be NO Hindu left alive in Delhi by then as none is seen alive in Lahore today.