Date: 25/05/2013


Those who are familiar with Britain to some extent know that the Queen is the Head of the UK (and Commonwealth). She grew up, and lives with a family, who are all in military UNIFORM. The armed forces are perhaps the MOST RESPECED AND CHERISHED element of society here. These people have lived through two devastating World Wars, fighting all the way to victory.

Members of Royal family are Colonels-in-Chief of several regiments and thus "live" very close to the soldiers. We can see the thousands of flower bouquets at the scene and hundreds of hours spend on radio and televison discussing the implications. A special cell in cabinet will think of actions necessary to "integrate" the Muslim and watch for signs of terrorism. It is also noteworthy that at such a time it is not merely a few who get involved but the whole nation, every man, woman and child is actively engaged in every aspect of this case and as new developments as a result of police investigations unfold.

There are good reasons for such intensive engagement and involvement in this case. Soldiers are the ultimate guarantors of peace in this country where people from all parts of the world and of all faiths, colours and views live cheek by jowl.

British armed forces are most well disciplined and patriotic and will fiercely fight at home and abroad in far flung places like Irak, Afghanistan, Libya and the Falklands. They have always "delivered" what the nation expects of them. They are highly motivated and most well equipped with the latest weaponry and are trained to use their skills and weapons effectively.
The Queen is also the Supreme Commander. She is very close to the troops. It is no exaggeraton to say that she regards an ordinary soldier like the murdered Lee Digby as her son while the nation looks up to her like "grandmother" with positive feelings of loyalty, awe and affection!
Thus we can understand the shock and anger of this nation over the "good-for-nothing home grown" terrorist who did such a barbaric act by killing a soldier who was on his way home within yards of his barracks.

There is no comparison with the character, training, loyalty, professionalism of a soldier as compared to a "good for nothing" vagabond, who is a drop out from society and lives on government handouts (dole), and spends much time in mosques, listening to Jehadi sermons and planning to kill a soldier.

It is easy to see the difference. Get a thousand of such violent killers and the society will be "blown up" in a day but a thousand soldiers like Lee Digby are the ultimate guarantors of peace and prosperity of the land. Even the NRI's feel safe looking at, or speaking to, the police and the SOLDIERS here.

The MUSLIM assassin who is said to have beheaded the soldier shouting "ALLAHU AKBAR", has delivered a serious blow to the central pillar of this nation to the dismay and annoyance of the Head of State and also damaged the trust in the Muslim community that nourishes and shelters such violent killers in their midst.

There is no denying the fact that at heart they are all FOR the criminal of their own Islamic faith while in all public expressions and during all radio and television interviews they are all AGAINST him, condemning his deed!

We in India know very well that Islam is nothing but Deception, Fraud and Surprise Attack but for the Europeans like the French, the Swedes and the Britons such events are an eye opener.
Perhaps one day the source of all evil indoctrination that commends killing the Kafirs, the Jews, the Hindus and everybody else, the Koran, will be BANNED in the West.

This is one thing that our mutilated defeated Bharat had to do on August 15, 1947 for the reasons that are too obvious including the fact that Traitor NEHRU was "one of them".

In the meantime BACKLASH is now taking place across England, gathering momentum, and most Muslims living here find no place to hide.

26 May, 2013.