Date: 07/06/2019

A patriot moaned about the plight of Hindus in NEPAL since the abolition of her HINDU Constitution.


Thank you for your esteemed comment and further mention of restoration of Nepal's HINDU identity.

You are absolutely right, and the cause of restoring Hindu CONSTITUTION should be highlighted by the people of Nepal themselves- immediately and vigorously, before further tolerance of the NEHRU'S inferior & treacherous version of bogus Secularism saps the remaining spirit and vitality of the Nepalese Hindus.

It is now becoming clear as to why Nepal, a totally separate country, was so viciously targeted by the Congress governments of PARTITIONED India, encouraged by the hostile anti Hindu "Italian Mafia" under Sonia Gandhi that held complete sway over the "crushed & intimidated" Bharat at that dark time.

First of all, we have come to realize their FINAL goal with regard to India that had to be turned into ISLAMIC republic with capital in Delhi. Each and every Hindu (and Sikh) ought to realize this!

Secondly, they IDENTIFIED regions and communities that would bitterly oppose the destruction of the HINDU identity of India. They identified FOUR areas as follows where the Moguls had met with fierce resistance:-

1. Bengal, known for her "SHAKTI" through scholars, writers, patriotism and intellectual "giants" (Rabindra Nath Tagore, Swami Vivekanand, Ram Mohan Roy, Subhash Chander Bose, Sister Nivedita, and so on) always giving impulses for dignity and freedom of the country. That province had to be destroyed.

2. Punjab, the traditional "sword arm of Hindusthan" and the land of warriors, that lay along the traditional route of invasion of Hindusthan that ended with the capture of Delhi. The natives of this province fought bitterly till the end. It, too, had to be destroyed. The SIKHS, who could establish their powerful rule and even capture Khyber Pass, had to be decimated, humiliated and destroyed.

3. The Tamils in the South. They were not only staunch Hindus but also very well read, clever and fiercely patriotic people proud of their direct & continuous links to the ancient period of Hindu glory. They, too, had to be humbled, beaten into submission and "converted" to Nehru's version of Secularism.

4. Nepal. The Hindu kingdom was like a "pole in the eye" of Nehru and his Dynasty. The people of Nepal were staunch Hindus and also, like the Sikhs, among the best fighters on earth. In the eyes of India's RULING (& FOOLING) establishment, Nepal's Hindu Royal family was a source of inspiration to the demoralized and downtrodden Hindus in Bharat and the pseudo-secular (nexus of "Italy & Islam") rulers were afraid that Hindu sovereignty in Nepal was passing "seditious ideas" to the ignorant and subservient Hindus in Hindusthan who had been "crushed into pulp" by the MUSLIMS (Moguls) and the EUROPEANS (the British) during their rule lasting long CENTURIES, enough to change even the genes of the enslaved people.

To subdue, or destroy, these FOUR regions in South Asia was considered absolutely necessary by the rulers of Partitioned India (PI) for their smooth and unopposed autocratic rule over Hindusthan once again- and for ever.

The astute observers of India's totalitarian rulers after her PARTITION (Congress Party and Nehru Dynasty) had already reached the conclusion that another five years of Congress & Dynasty's rule would have rung the DEATH KNELL of the surviving Hindus in South Asia.

Hence it is absolutely necessary to wipe out (exterminate) both Congress Party and Nehru Dynasty from India's political landscape and raise the flag of HINDU sovereignty in South Asia with pride and in the spirit of defiance, not forgetting to include NEPAL in this mighty wave of Hindu RESURGENCE in Bharat where the Hindus are again coming under threat as during the days before PARTITION in 1947.

NB: Be warned of the angry and loud noises of protest by the world media that do not object to FIFTY fundamentalist (intolerant) Islamic republics on earth but are getting restless and vocal by the hour over the idea of just one or two Hindu republics on earth!

The ENEMIES of Hindu civilization have already scored two powerful initial HITS, that is, the unconditional surrender of ONE THIRD OF INDIA ("the BEST of India" in the words of late Shri Gopal Godse, the brother of patriot Nathu Ram Godse), and the IMPOSITION of the PSEUDO-SECULAR Constitution in order to ban two words, "HINDU" and "PARTITION".

FABLE: Once in Gadhidesh ("Donkeyland") all the pigeons and mice passed the Resolution that "None will utter the word "CAT"."
Within a short period of two centuries all the mice and pigeons became extinct while the CATS survived a billion-fold.

Under Mr Modi the social & political climate is just right for the Hindus to ASSERT themselves over their own territory and watch out for the rise in hostile, or enemy, NUMBERS, and their increasing INFLUENCE (awe & terror) over the demoralized Hindu population.

The Indian government could do well to establish a Commission of Ideology to carefully watch the power ratio on the sub continent (including NEPAL) and suggest measures to counter anti Hindu practices, actions/intentions and propaganda.

8 June 2019

PS: Here are two manly challenges for all Governments of India till eternity:
1. Declare that bogus Partition "null & void" until it is RE-NEGOTIATED subject to complete "Transfer of Population". The soil of Bharat is not so "vulgarly cheap" to be given away to anyone "for a song"! Till then all maps of India must show the Indo-Pakistan, and the Indo-Bangladesh borders, in DOTTED LINE. (The border that passes between the two historically INSEPARABLE "sister cities" of Lahore and Amritsar in the middle of Punjab, can NEVER be permanent!). Traitor Jawaharlal Nehru's (and cowardly MK Gandhi's) High Treason and insult to PROUD Punjab (and Bengal), and ONE BILLION Hindus, will BOOMERANG to hit Hindusthan hard one day.

2. Abolish Articles 370 and 35A in order to fully INTEGRATE Jammu & Kashmir State in Bharat, and develop its ECONOMY & LANDSCAPE to become the "Switzerland of Asia" within five years. Let a future Modi or Patel from Gujerat say about Kashmir, "Agar Firdaus barr rooye Zamin ast, hameen ast o' hameen ast!" (- Shah Jehan).