Date: 12/06/2019


PARTITION (the word is unmentionable in PARTITIONED India since it will ruin the reputation & image of both “Bapu & Chacha” of Bharat, that is, Gandhi and Nehru, who were above the country.

The FACT remains, and the TRUTH is, that when in 1947 the Hindus, the MAJORITY in India, and also the ORIGINAL inhabitants of the subcontinent, were extremely weak due to bashing & battering suffered due to SLAVERY over a period of a thousand years, the followers of the FOREIGN (Muslim) invaders saw the time “ripe” to capture as much LAND as possible.

Although the diabolical act of breaking up India was unpatriotic, illegal and crude, even undemocratic (without Referendum), the Surrender took place with the speed of lightening.

In the middle of horrendous holocaust of the Hindus, with two million slaughtered and tens of millions ON THE RUN, India was “partitioned” on August 15, 1947.

Following the dictum in civilian parlour, “Jaatay Chor Ki LangoTi hee sahee!” or in military parlour, “Carry out hot pursuit of the fleeing enemy!”, the Pakistani army and the rag bag wild tribal people invaded Kashmir.

They proceeded, burning, killing, abducting, raping and looting, with relative ease till they were stopped by the Indian army (Sikh Jawans of Patiala Light Infantry, whom I saw personally marching along the Mall Road towards Patiala Railway Station) just 15 miles short of Srinagar. (NB: We had just arrived at Patiala as refugees from Multan a few days earlier!)

Although the entire aggression and the surrender of India was ILLEGAL, it was promptly accepted in toto, and in perpetuity, by the then Government of India and our top leaders, including MK Gandhi and JL Nehru. There is NO record of any one of them boycotting the discussions in disgust or protest, or going on fast for two days or even demanding Referendum!

Bharat Mata was carried off like the abducted virgin who disappears in the jungle with her abductors!
Patriots have asked the successive Indian governments two questions since that day in 1947,

1. How could you accept that bogus, divisive, illogical and sectarian Partition, UNCONDITIONALLY surrendering one third of India to FUNDAMENTALIST ISLAM when yours was, and is, a SECULAR Constitution?

2. Why have you not prepared the case for the return of certain areas and cities due to their exceptional situation? Among these are-

Lahore with 75% Non Muslim population in 1947, where Maharaja Ranjit Singh had his Imperial throne, where Guru Arjun Devji was tortured to death on refusing to embrace Islam, where Shaheed Bhagat Singh was hanged to death for demanding freedom from the British rulers, and because it was founded by Luv, the elder son of Bhagwan Ram who is regarded Prophet or “Avtaar” by the Hindus.

Gilgit, Baltistan and Chittagong with overwhelming BUDDHIST majority.

Sri Nankana Sahib where Guru Nanak Dev, the universal prophet of peace and tolerance was born, whose preaching was contrary to Mohammed’s intolerance of Jews, Christians, Yazidis and Kafirs, and who preached equality of women with men? Clearly the sacred city of his birth is at par with Mathura (birthplace of Sri Krishan), Ayodhya (the birthplace of Sri Ram), Mecca (the birthplace of Mohammed) and Jerusalem (the birthplace of Jesus Christ).

Had Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, been a decent man or a gentleman he himself would have insisted on leaving Sri Nankana Sahib and Lahore OUT of his Pakistan! But he was NOT a civilised gentleman, though a barrister from London, who could not see the devastating impact on the Muslims, of putting Mecca or Medina under the Cross of David, Buddhist Chakra, the Christian Cross, the Hindu Trishul and even the Sikh “Khanda Chakra”!

Each & every human being on earth should ask this question: “Should India claim Nobel Prize for this monumental act of surrender and self-immolation, or look around for similar misfortune elsewhere?”

What about Japan that still wants her Sakhalin Islands back from Russia.

Cyprus that still wants Northern areas back from Turkey.

Ukraine that demands Crimea back from Russia.

Surely, there are more instances where the defeated side has not given up their claim to the illegally or immorally captured territory. Should India not SPEAK UP? Should Bharat NOT show her attachment to Secularism and her sacred LAND ("Dharti")?

Should the world see ONLY the Pakistanis demanding Kashmir while India must not demand the return of Lahore and Sri Nankana Sahib even in her dream?

Are we (one billion Hindus on earth) still WEAK politically, or mentally dead? Is Bharat still a “coolie colony” of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru?

Can Bharat behave like the parents who refused to give a chase to the rascals who had abducted their daughter, saying, “IT IS TOO DANGEROUS TO PURSUE THEM. THEY WOULD HAVE FORCIBLY CONVERTED HER TO ISLAM AND MADE HER EAT BEEF. SHE IS GONE ANYWAY!”

Did the British Parliament say in September 1939, “Let Hitler rape Lady Poland. What can we do? We don’t even have one tenth of military might to challenge the Nazis.”?

Let us ask the Lok Sabha in New Delhi who still believe that the “Lok” are "cattle" and have neither patriotism and self-esteem nor even memory cells:


“Rashtrapati Sir, Is our Lahore, too, GONE any way, converted to Islam, and forced to eat beef?”