Date: 14/06/2019


-Speech by the MAN who is determined to keep his country UNITED. He spoke to his loyal audiences, equally brave, honourable, united & patriotic!

NB: There are the wise guys who have foresight and thus AVOID calamities like the unconditional surrender of LAND to the enemy, and then there are the (damn) fools who do not have even hindsight- who are determined not to learn anything from history.

The most powerful man on earth, who is determined to keep the word "UNITED" in his country’s name, set aside "pc" of irresponsible "tamaash-beens" & do gooders, and spoke like this:


"This is called “The Snake,” and think of it in terms of immigration, and you may love it or you may say, “Isn’t that terrible,” okay?

And if you say, “Isn’t that terribe, who cares? Because the way they treat me, that’s peanuts, the way they treat me.


“On her way to work one morning, down the path along the lake, a tender-hearted woman saw a poor, half-hearted, frozen snake. His pretty coloured skin had been all frosted with the dew.

Poor thing, she cried, I’ll take you in, and I’ll take care of you!

Take me in, oh, tender woman. Take me in, for Heaven’s sake.

Take me in, oh, tender woman, sighed the vicious snake.

She wrapped him up all cozy in a comforter of silk, and laid him by her fireside with some honey and some milk.

She hurried home from work that night, and soon as she arrived, she found that pretty snake she’d taken in had been revived.

Take me in, oh tender woman. Take me in, for Heaven’s sake.

Take me in, oh, tender woman, sighed the vicious snake.

She clutched him to her bosom. You’re so beautiful, she cried, but if I hadn’t brought you in by now, surely you would have died.

She stroked his pretty skin again and kissed and held him tight, but instead of saying thank you, that snake gave her a vicious bite!

Take me in, oh, tender woman. Take me in, for Heaven’s sake.

Take me in, oh, tender woman, sighed the vicious snake.

I have saved you, cried the woman, and you’ve bitten me, heavens why?

You know your bite is poisonous, and now I’m going to die.

Oh, shut up, silly woman, said the reptile with a grin.

You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in.

Loud applause & cheers (a couple of minutes)

And that’s what we’re doing with our country, folks. We’re letting people in and it’s going to be a lot of trouble. It’s only getting worse."


The honorable speaker (above) seems to have come to the above conclusion after the 9/11 attack on World Trade Towers in New York. Perhaps he was recalling the fate of the entire YAZIDI community in Syria. Perhaps he was thinking of the two tall Buddha statues in Afghanistan. Or, was he thinking of India’s bloody Partition by her own home grown intolerant beastly "Kafir-Killer" separatists who took two million lives and forced 12 to 15 million citizens out of their homes to produce the second wave** of "gypsies" from India?

(** The first wave of gypsies - also known as Roma- was created when Mahmud of Ghazni invaded India year after year, 16 times, in 11th century AD.)


Is the speech indirectly addressed to the departed soul of Mahatma Gandhi who called them “My children!”

Or, perhaps it is addressed to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who called them “My brothers”, and moved the frontier down from Khyber to Wagah while at the same time making a gift of North Kashmir to his "brothers"!

Some Mahatma! Some Pandit!

Their names have not been removed from all public places, events & buildings in Partitioned India yet!



15 June 2019