Date: 11/07/2019

Dear all,

Just heard on radio, "UN HAS ASKED EU TO ACCEPT MORE MIGRANTS." Our reaction is given below.

Muslims are a people APART since only THEY are allowed to have up to FOUR wives and since only THEY wish to cover the whole world (through conversion, conquest and rapid reproduction) with Islamic States.

Besides this, the Muslims are indoctrinated to have extreme hatred of Non Muslims as we experienced in 2015 when they wiped out the YAZIDI people in Syria, and earlier in 1947 when they massacred over TWO MILLION Hindus & Sikhs (we were their neighbours & FELLOW CITIZENS!) and abducted and raped tens of thousands of girls & women within weeks, when even the FLEEING / ESCAPING refugees, who had lost everything, including their jobs and homes, were attacked along the way, when the entire trains brought only mutilated bodies from Lahore to Amritsar, and when a new Islamic Republic on the soil of Hindusthan was suddenly created, and instantly acknowledged and FELICITATED by none else but our brilliant charismatic prime minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Even in PARTITIONED (much smaller) defeated, degraded & humiliated India he was, and is, regarded a great hero, an illustrious patriot if you have noticed countless roads, schools, events, mansions, even a UNIVERSITY in the capital, that bears his name! The post of prime minister went automatically to his daughter Indira Gandhi (a secret convert to Islam).

With PARTITION in the background, did we expect the Burmese Rohingya MUSLIMS to be brought into JAMMU without consulting the DOGRAS living there since the beginning of time?

Actually, there is NO tradition in India to consult the PEOPLE. Which Mogul Emperor consulted the HINDUS before razing all the temples to ground? Which British Viceroy consulted the PEOPLE who were directly affected by their decisions? And finally, our Pandit Nehru! Do we know HIS opinion of Hindus when someone suggested, "How about Referendum over Partition, and particularly over the surrender of KHYBER PASS, LAHORE and EAST BENGAL?"

When we thought the "Age of Jehalat" is long forgotten and over, we have received a SHOCK in 2019. "UN HAS ASKED EU to accept more MUSLIM migrants from Africa and Middle East."

If we read history we will find that Egypt, Syria and Irak were Christian, the Jews used to live in Mecca, Afghanistan was a Buddhist country and the Zoroastrians lived in Iran. There used to be Sikhs in Lahore, Gujranwala and Rawalpindi, and Hindus used to live in Noakhali and Sylhet before 1947.

"Your Excellencies, WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL OF THEM?", WE ASK THE UNO. "How many dead can YOU resurrect? How many killers can you punish? How many loving husbands can you restore to the grieving widows?" And, "CAN YOU UNITE PUNJAB, KASHMIR AND BENGAL?"

UNO ought to know that "Those who cannot right the wrong, but carelessly wrong the right, are known as "mischief mongers"!

If Their Excellencies sitting at UNO are ignorant, or pseudo-secular, then we expect them to read history to see who is who, and who will act as the HOT KNIFE and who will be melting away like soft BUTTER!

So we offer a suggestion to UNO with utmost respect before they continue with their "mischief in innocence or naivity", "Please direct the unending FLOW of Muslim migrants, victims of their FELLOW MUSLIMS misdeeds, to ISLAMIC countries."

Please ask the OIC (ORGANISATION OF ISLAMIC COUNTRIES), to come to life in order to deal with the problem since this MASS MUSLIM MIGRATION will STILL NOT END after bulk of the Christians now living in EU will have escaped to North America, Australia, Argentina- even Siberia!

12 Jul 19
PS: Within EU there is unnecessary bad blood since some countries like Hungary, Lithuania and Poland do not want to see their Christian populations "melt away" before Islam, high on indoctrination and higher on reproduction & JEHAD.