Re: Should we deport illegals?

Date: 11/07/2019

Re: Should we deport illegals?, asks President Trump's Office.

Indeed, people are the primary responsibility of the GOVERNMENTS at home. Only if they are corrupt, inefficient or useless (i.e., without pride and patriotism) will their citizens take to flight for foreign shores. Normally, none (NONE) will leave his land of birth willingly!

Furthermore, all the MUSLIM migrants & refugees on earth should be the direct responsibility of the OIC, i.e., "ORGANISATION OF ISLAMIC COUNTRIES".

Muslims should NEVER be settled in Christian or Non Muslim countries as they (the Muslims) are INTOLERANT of the others. If this is not done in the interest of SELF PRESERVATION and SURVIVAL, then we will see the "LAHORE" PHENOMENON!**

** Muslims came UNINVITED to the ancient city of renowned Hindu civilization that was founded by Luv, the son of Sri RAAM, the Hindu god.

In the event the Muslims prevailed and the Hindus were ousted unceremoniously (massacred or FORCED OUT).
A humble suggestion offered sincerely, with great respect: "Please protect your Washington and New York from the "Lahore phenomenon"!" I wouldn’t wish my London and Manchester, Delhi and Srinagar, Wellington and Perth, to go through the same “phenomenon”!

13 Jul 19.

PS: The above is based on direct observation and experience. It’s not MY land any more where I was born!