Date: 13/07/2019


“We are very satisfied at the transformation of the Hindu nation in Bharat since 1947,” said the TOP Hindu leader in Delhi.

“Could you explain it, please?,” asked his disciple. THIS IS WHAT HE WAS TOLD:

The nation was in “donkey” era when one third of Hindusthan was surrendered without referendum or condition, that is, without consulting the people! Thereafter, tens of millions of Hindus (& Sikhs) were driven like the cattle from their homes in Pakistan to safety in (the Rest of) India. That was 1947.

The second worst thing to happen was Pandit Nehru’s dictatorial autocratic rule with the in-built clause that her daughter will succeed her and his grandson after her! This was the “dog” era in Hindu evolution when Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru made the nation behave like dogs to obey him without questioning. For example, none dared to criticize, abuse or try him for ordering “cease fire” in Kashmir to hold back the advancing troops. And none dared to question his daughter on her secret conversion to Islam or on releasing the 90 thousand Pakistani prisoners of war (1972) but neither recovering North Kashmir nor demanding the release of INDIAN prisoners of war languishing & dying in Pakistani prisons.

None dared to question her treacherous scheme to “eliminate” Sanjay Gandhi who married an Indian girl but promote Rajiv Gandhi who imported his wife from Italy. And what about her decision to concede sovereignty to East Bengal while crushing the pride and spirit of East Punjab?

The “dog” era also saw the Indian army crossing the sea to land in Sri Lanka to massacre the Tamils of Indian origin working and living in Sri Lanka.

On 14 May 2014 the Hindu nation entered the “Dwarf” era. The terror of Nehru Dynasty and their Congress Party lifted from everybody’s head and the Hindus started hoping for the

(a) abolition of Article 370 of Constitution,
(b) re-construction of the historic national Temple in Ayodhya that was razed to ground by a Mogul invader in 1526,
(c) a new Constitution for “Hindu Rashtra” and
(d) defining the constitutional status of the Muslims in view of the vast territorial surrenders to them in 1947.

After the above mentioned a, b, c and d eras are overcome the Hindu nation will reach the “manhood” era.

So, dear friends, “Hanooz Dilli door ast!” In the meantime the top Hindu leaders can DENY “Partition”, declare the Indian Muslims to be “indigenous” people like the Hindus, and feel brave.

14 July 2019