Date: 26/07/2019


"When Pakistan's independence was declared on 14 August 1947, the Radcliffe Line had not yet been announced, and so cries of "Long live Pakistan" and "God is greatest" were heard intermittently with "Long live Hindustan" throughout the night.[17]

On 17 August 1947, Lahore was awarded to Pakistan on the basis of its Muslim majority in the 1941 census, and was made capital of the Punjab province in the new state of Pakistan." -Wikipedia.

After the loss of Lahore, SOLAN in Shimla Hills became the temporary capital of East Punjab until Chandiarh was built and it became the joint capital of TWO states, East Punjab and Haryana.

Thus Lahore, the city founded by Luv, the elder son of Sri Ram, where Guru Arjun Devji was tortured to death, where Maharaja Ranjit Singh had his Imperial throne and where patriot Bhagat Singh was hanged to death, went to the 'Realm of Mohammed of Mecca'! But how?

NB: It is understood that Radcliffe (Sir Cyril Radcliffe) deliberately waited for TWO days in order to allow Gandhi and Nehru time to come out with strong determination to retain Lahore, that had already been awarded to Bharat, in India. But neither Gandhi nor Nehru, nor even Sardar Patel, showed up at Sir Cyril's door to insist on retaining Lahore.

Radcliffe was most disappointed and realized that Jinnah was more serious and earnest about the city. On 17th. August 1947 Lahore went under the dark shadow of Islam. Her Bharatiya defenders, Gandhi and Nehru, had behaved like "jackals and rats". For Punjab it was the blackest day in history to lose its historic capital.

Did Nehru or Gandhi show any regret? Did they apologise to the nation for betraying Lahore, OR accepting Partition?

Finally, DID THE NATION METE OUT ANY PUNISHMENT TO THE "RATS" who surrendered one third of our sacred Motherland (Hindusthan) without referendum, condition or reason?

26 July 2019.

PS: Remarkable deduction: "When their (Gandhi's and Nehru's) "patriotism" was seen to be worse than a donkey's attachment to his pasture, Sir Cyril awarded Lahore to Pakistan, thus dealing death blow to the Hindus and Sikhs living there for millennia."