Date: 03/08/2019


Thu, 1 Aug 2019 2:19


One common characteristic of the Muslims is to be permanently unhappy and dissatisfied. There is nothing sweet or serene in their rough tough “macho” religion. Dignity of women is not one of the FOUR PILLARS of Islam, nor is the universal love of mankind.

Fed up fighting in their own Islamic lands they seek a tolerant welcoming Non-Muslim country to live in peace and have normal family life. After arriving in one, they settle down and feel secure. But at the same time, unwittingly, they lay the foundation of a new ISLAMIC Republic through “tableeg” and “Jehad”.

From the very beginning they insist on being served with "halal" meat in hospitals, schools, jails and airports, and burn controversial books. Women cover their faces, even bodies in hijab or burka. Girls at school refuse to do PE lessons in mixed classes or do swimming like their non Muslim peers. Schools concede separate morning assemblies for Muslim children.

Muslims waste no time in starting the war on three fronts: "Tableegh" (conversion), “Jehad” (struggle) and SEDUCTION of girls.

They distribute literature, hold seminars and speak like missionaries at social occasions about Islam.
They keep their own girls away from public events and prohibit any contact with a non Muslim man, even force them to stay indoors. On slightest doubt or suspicion they commit "honour killing". Yet Muslim men merrily attend discos & dances, and all mixed public events where they can meet, chat up, and seduce the naive non Muslim girls.
Some of these girls are made sex slaves while the others are seduced into marriage, forcing them to embrace Islam immediately and bring up children as Muslims, or fear for life.

Muslims tend to set up their own Sharia Courts to deal with civil and criminal disputes. In England they even had a Muslim Parliament that was running parallel to Westminster Parliament. Its remnants are still active in the United Kingdom.

Muslims can have more than one wife (up to four!) in order to reproduce at a much faster and higher rate than the other communities. When the numbers are high enough, generally more than 40 percent, there begins the struggle to OVERTHROW the tolerant secular government that welcomed them in the first place.
One would have thought that the ISLAMIC Republic was their ultimate dream and after securing one, they will live happily in it thereafter- for ever.

But NO! Muslims in India fought bitterly to break up the renowned ancient civilised country in order to create their ISLAMIC Pakistan by threats of unleashing unprecedented bloodshed in civil war. But having got their separate Islamic country where they massacred the non Muslims or forced them to flee for life, they stayed back in India, too, only to start the violence against the Hindus once again!

In their Islamic countries (including Pakistan) corruption and lawlessness, sectarian feuds, female child abduction, rape and murder, honour killing, free use of gun, widespread murders and hunger through lack of jobs, invite Martial Law when the army takes over to bring order and normalcy in the country. Pakistan, the Islamic “Paradise”, had ruthless military dictators for long periods of time.

But military rule by ‘whip, stick and gun’ does not solve unemployment and hunger of the Muslim citizens. So millions escape their cherished Islamic paradise and head for tolerant, secular, non Muslim countries to re-start the cycle of violence, seduction, rape and murder once again!

There can be no tolerant, civilized and secular society on earth if there are Muslims around.

Muslims will create, or establish, their own ISLAMIC Republic hoping it to be paradise.
But corrupt regimes, draconian laws, over-population, hunger, strife, bloodshed, degradation of women and starvation will soon force them to flee their Islamic republics. They do not head for richer Islamic countries but make a bee line for the naive Christian West, even Hindu Bharat, where, after a while, they start blowing up trains, planes and buses, exploding bombs at railway stations, airports, hotels, bridges, shopping malls, arenas and even Christmas markets.
At the same time they are multiplying in geometrical order in order to overthrow the secular tolerant, civilized, democratic systems by bloodshed and force.

Again there is exodus of millions of followers of Mohammed to safe non Muslim countries where their frustration, resentment and animosity leads to war or partition once again.

Till eternity the Muslim world will be going through cycles of bloodshed & migration- until they choose to read a BETTER book than Koran for a tolerant, moral and civilised way of life.
REBORN Germany has done just that by banning "Mein Kampf"!