Date: 05/08/2019

Re: Article 370, 35A and 10, scrap to unite Hindusthan, the land of Hindus. Congratulations

CONGRATULATIONS, INDEED, TO ALL concerned with the FUTURE of Bharat as a strong State without a rebellious pocket in the north. Article 370 was NEHRU'S blatant "mischief" just like his treacherous "cease-fire' in Kashmir.

The State sponsored 'UNREST and ANGER' in Pakistan over India's legitimate action is more to keep her own citizens' mind diverted from the problems at home, like lack of clean water, irregular supply of electricity, rampant corruption, domestic violence, poor schools, indoctrination of pupils by "madrassas", poor hospitals, and lack of jobs.

Opposition parties have given a united call to overthrow Mr. Imran Khan and send his "Tehrik-i-Insaaf" into oblivion. The big "guns" of Muslim League and People's Party are all conspiring to dethrone Mr Khan. Once the beautiful port of Karachi is the dirtiest city in South Asia. With total failure of public services there is a big citizen's "Jehad" going on to clean up the city that is suffering due to overcrowding and lack of sanitation and drinking water.

There-in lies danger for Bharat. Weak and tottering governments create "diversions" for their restless citizens and channel their collective frustration, poverty and anger towards opponents, especially neighbours. Pakistan's Islam was relatively "mild" till 1947 under British rule but successive military dictators and bigots & zealots like Zia ul Haq have fed a lot of "ISLAM" to the "dying patient" that has created a terrorist State that exports violence to Europe and America- and Kashmir. There is only one way for an Islamic society in its natural and logical evolution according to the teachings of Koran, that is to live by hatred and violence and then turn upon itself and tear its own elements apart in violence and bloodshed as in Afghanistan, Syria, Irak and Libya.

One day, after the smoke settles down in Pakistan, they will recall the happy days of peace in UNITED India until the JINNAH & NEHRU duo decided to divide the country of ancient wisdom & spirituality but excessive tolerance, by breaking it up, saw the ethnic cleansing of Hindus and Sikhs who were responsible for social cohesion, peaceful co-existence, mutual respect and economic well-being, and put Pakistan on the way of intolerance towards her own Non Muslims and the East Bengalis, and its own "mother" India.

Bharat has done the right thing by integrating J & K State completely but has to think of ways to deal with the violent Kashmiris whose privileges have been curtailed as well as watch Pakistan for some rash and foolish act in frustration and due to its own internal instability.

It is time to quell the unrest in Kashmir and persuade Pakistan to clean its own INTERNAL mess and "educate & civilise" its own masses. She must not start something that boomerangs back to hit it hard.