Date: 06/08/2019

Pandit Nehru the root cause.

If a nation chooses its leaders without intensive & critical examination of their core loyalty, morality and integrity, the result is fatal. Hindus have ignored this criterion and met with disaster after disaster.

Coming straight to 1947 when we put blind faith in Gandhi and Nehru. Latter being articulate, autocratic and “westernised”, stole the limelight from Gandhi and became the spokesman to deal with the British rulers on matters relating to Independence that soon became Partition due to close bond of friendship between Nehru and Jinnah, both barristers-at-law from London. Both shared the same girl friend in London, Edwina, who later became Edwina Mountbatten!

At the talks Pandit Nehru smartly side lined MK Gandhi, a simple trusting old man, and promptly agreed to divide India into “Muslim” India (Pakistan) and “Secular” (NOT “Hindu”!) India. Thus none spoke for the Hindus who were the majority community.

Nehru accepted the TWO-NATION THEORY and promptly signed the Document of “Unconditional Surrender of Hindusthan”. None knew that he was a secret convert to Islam though professing atheism. Sleepy Hindu nation saw nothing wrong with the surrender of one third of India. Nehru could have been exposed then and there!

But at that time the Hinds were so demoralised that none questioned Nehru’s loyalty or religion. Even when he insulted the Hindus by ridiculing our Faith, denying it recognition, and keeping it out of Constitution, the Hindus did not notice anything odd about Nehru who was hailed as the “Leader who got us Independence!”

Having rewarded Mr Jinnah with free gift of one third of India without a single condition, Nehru was keen to give them Kashmir, too. His tacit agreement or nod encouraged Pakistan to launch her surprise invasion of Kashmir within days of coming into existence.

It was the psychological moment when Pakistan was still under extreme pressure and urgency to set herself up and find her bearings as a new country on earth and when she had the least idea of conquering J & K State, when she suddenly invaded Kashmir.

How did that happen? It happened when Pandit Nehru assured Jinnah that there will be no counter attack if Pakistan invaded Kashmir!

Once the invasion got under way, Nehru didn’t seem perturbed over the Pakistanis invading the Valley, causing death and destruction and abduction and rape of hundreds of Hindu/Sikh females after their male relatives were killed in front of their eyes.

Every country on earth would have thrown out the invaders, lock, stock and Koran, but Pandit Nehru watched them overrunning Kashmir. Had he loved Bharat he would have immediately sent troops to confront the raiders whether it was British India or Princely India!

Nehru committed High Treason once again when he stopped our troops when they were recovering the whole of J&K State from the invaders. Nehru acquired the State with Article 370 to concede it autonomy but let us recall how Sardar Patel acquired Hyderabad State without any Article 370! Clearly Nehru was a traitor while Sardar Patel was a patriot!

First Nehru let the invaders keep North Kashmir. Then he had a separate Constitution for the rest of Kashmir to give them extra privileges and funding and even a separate flag! His Congress Party was equally anti Hindu and pro Islam, holding up genuine progress of the nation while misruling the country.

Now Mr Modi, a true patriot, has shown the courage to defy the Will of Pandit Nehru and integrate the State, a stinking “cesspit” of Islamic misrule for more than seven decades, fully in India.

Pakistan is in a state of shock. But in 21st century the free world is also secular world and the UNO will not wish even an inch of land to go under the rule of fundamentalist Islam where the Non-Muslims are hated and women degraded.
In the meantime the Indian armed forces ought to be on full alert to confront external invasion or an internal insurrection by the Muslims in Kashmir.

Finally, it is Pakistan whose “birth” ought to have been questioned and challenged by India instead of dealing with the subsequent mess called Article 370.

Only the brave can hold on to territory (LAND) and survive on earth.