Date: 06/08/2019


Question: “Why were the Hindus the EASIEST to enslave, deceive and conquer?”

It was due to ‘belief system’ (BS) that brainwashed the entire nation to the following LETHAL mental traps-

1. We are all the members of the same human race hence like a family.
(We had to emphasize that there are saints and robbers in the human race, and, furthermore, in a family one brother can be a doctor while the other a butcher!)

2. Whoever comes with a smile is my brother.
(We had to remind ourselves of the proverb, “Bagal men chhuri, moonh men Ram Ram!” We have been shouting for centuries, “Hindu Muslim- Bhai Bhai!” till the “Brothers” slaughtered us in Noakhali and Rawalpindi!)

3. Trust the goodness in each and every individual. (Gandhi trusted Jinnah and had our Bharat Mata cut down to size!)

4. If someone wants to convert me, I shall be willing to oblige since ALL RELIGIONS ARE THE SAME!
(Not realizing that eventually there will be no more Hindus or Sikhs left in Ambala as in Multan!)

5. A foreigner is like a guest. It is your duty to feed him first before you put a morsel in our own mouth.
(We never listened to those who cried, “They gave us the Bible and took away our LANDS.” Following this proverb the indigenous people in America are on reservations and those in Australia are in wilderness! And where are the indigenous people [Hindus and Buddhists] of Kashmir and Sindh?)

Now please recall the countless disasters and defeats suffered through centuries due to our BS as stated above and our FOOLISHNESS not to adjust to circumstances, or move with the times.

On the other hand the BS (Belief System) of the foreigners is totally different. Recall how Mohammed Bin Qasim treated Raja Dahir and his family? Recall how Aurangzeb, the butcher, converted the Hindus in Kashmir by the threat of beheading. And how he treated Guru Tegh Bahadur who came down to Delhi with a delegation of Kashmiri Pandits to plead with the emperor! And recall the “Islamic BOOT” that kicked the Pandits out of the Valley in 1991!

In the light of the above, we have a problem whose solution is not at hand.
Of course, the Americans have found the solution, to allow every citizen to possess and carry fire arms. (There go the ‘trembling’ likes of MK Gandhi!). The advantages of this tradition outweigh the occasional killings of innocent people now and then.

What should the Hindus do? Stick to “Ahimsa PARMO Dharma” or do what the Americans do?
The topic is open for discussion.

7 Aug 19