Date: 06/08/2019



J&K Under Indian Occupation ( Area wise 101380 sq Km) Excluding POK
- which is part of India too as per "Accession signed by Maharaja in 1947.

*Kashmir : 15%*_
*Jammu : 26%*_
*Ladakh : 59%*_

*85,000 sq Km comprising 85% of this is non-Muslim Majority area.*

Population - 1.25 Crores

*Kashmir : 69 Lakhs.* (Only 55 Lakhs speak Kashmiri dialect. Rest 13 lakhs speak Non Kashmiri languages in this area.)

*Jammu : 53 Lakhs.* Language (Dogri, Punjabi, Hindi)

*Ladakh : 03 Lakhs.* (Ladakhi language)

This does not include 7.5 lakh people who are illegal immigrants and do not have legal citizenship.

There are total of 22 districts in J&K. Out of which *only 5 Districts are where separatists
have the say ; These are Srinagar, Anantnag, Baramullah, Kulgam and Pulwama.

*Other 17 districts are Pro India.*
So, separatist's writ runs in just 15% of the population which are Sunni Muslim dominated.

Interestingly these 5 districts are far far away from Pakistan Border/LOC.

*There are more than fourteen major Religious/ ethnic groups comprising 85% of the population of J&K who are Pro India.*

_These include:_

Shias ; Dogras: (Rajputs, Brahmins & Mahajans); Kashmiri Pundits; Sikhs; Buddhists ( Ladakhis );
Gujjars; Bakarwals; Paharis; Baltis; Christians & many others,

*Majority of the people in J&K do not speak Kashmiri as their mother tongue. It's Dogri, Gujjari, Punjabi, Ladhaki , Pahari etc.*

_Only 33 % people in Kashmir speak Kashmiri & this group controls narrative from Hurriyat to militants and from NC and PDP._

This 33% controls *business, bureaucracy & agriculture*. This Sunni 33% is opposed to India although population of all other Muslims in J&K is 69 %.

*Shias (12%), Gujjars Muslims (14%), Pahadi Muslims ( 8%), Buddhists , Pundits, Sufis, Christians and Jammu Hindus/ Dogras ( aprox 45%) are totally opposed to separatism and Pakistan.*

Stone pelting , Hoisting of Pakistani flags & Anti India demonstrations are held in just 5 Districts in Kashmir valley under the dictates of the Separatists.

*Other 17 districts have never participated in such activities.*

*Poonch and Kargil have above 90% Muslim population. There has never been an Anti India or separatist protest in these districts.*

_It is only the_ *Anti National Media and other Anti India forces* _who with their own nefarious designs have_ *created an impression that "WHOLE J&K" is against India.*

_*Whereas the truth is that just 15% of the Population comprising Sunni Muslims inhabiting 5 Districts of Kashmir province are fanning the separatist activities.*_

_Please spread this message to every INDIAN to UNITE and SAVE the Sovereignty of Our Nation and Defeat the Nefarious Designs of Pakistan and root out terrorism._