Date: 08/08/2019

It appears Pak. PM Imran Khan is inventing a new Islam by saying there is no precedent of forced conversion in Islam.

He talks about making Pakistan a New Madina. According to Prophet Muhammad's biography by DS Margoliuth, he asked the Jews to convert to Islam or fight. When they refused, he massacred those who didnot agree and banoished the rest.

His followers conquered Syria and adopted the same policy because of which a section of Christians moved to the Kerala coast and now known as Syrian Christians. Muslim Arab invaders defeated the Zoroastrian Persians and asked them to embrace Islam or get killed or get out.

A section of them came to the Gujarat coast and were received by the local Hindu king. After formation of Pakistan, Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists were driven out for not embracing Islam. In our own times, 4 lakh Hindus were driven out from Kashmir on the same basis.

There is a word in Arabic called 'al-taqiah' which means divine deception according to the noted Islamic scholar Anwar Shaikh(1928-2006). Please recall MA Jinnah's so called famous speech of 11 Aug. 1947 which expressed that in the State of Pakistan, Hindus will cease as Hindus, Muslims will cease as Muslims on and every one will be an equal cituzen. Jinnah indulged in al-taqiah then and Imran Khan does now.

May I add a high profile example of the martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur. There are innumerable instances of forced conversion to Islam. May I bring in what the late Nirad C Chaudhary said about the reasons for the partition of Britush India-1.British machination, 2. Muslim fanatucism and 3. Hindu stupidity. It is still not late for the Hindus to be wise. Sooner the better.