Jammu & Kashmir Bifurcation

Date: 08/08/2019

Sent: Thursday, August 8, 2019 6:58 PM

Jammu & Kashmir Bifurcation

The whole source of trouble in Kashmir part of J&K is and was due to inborn defects of Kashmiri leaders from day one on one side and NEHRU and subsequent Hindu leaders in Delhi on the other side who continued to pursue the most foolish and die-hard shortsighted policy of larger States in all parts of the country, densely populated, unmanageable and packed with illiterate,ignorant politicians with gaps filled by toothless but most corrupt and sloth bureaucracy unheard in tha annals of world history. The guys still do not work except on their mobiles and continue to be unavailable to people and their problems any time with no quick decisions on day to day certainty of solving problems in one sitting felt and practiced. Their decisions never come and never revealed ever.

The administration and justice system in India is dead fit only for vultures to devour. One has to visit the offices and see the disfigured images mounted on chairs. A simple decision to materialise takes decades. Minsters are misled and clueless, administration below state levels at grass roots is almost non existent and self serving. Examples are many but it is of no use to write.

Who told you that you can club together the birds of different feather with different ways of life. How the hell you continued to club Ladakh, Jammu, the hill areas and Kashmir valley together with entire power bestowed in the hands of corrupt Kashmiri leaders who played havoc with just elections, proper management and financial accountability, which gave rise to discontent among people and Pakistan found it worthwhile to fish in troubles waters. J&K should have been tri-furcated so also numerous other sick and degenerated States of India long time back unless you want to make it pre-partition hotch potch again where changing demography will turn the tables totally in favour of historical forces in next thirty years from now with Pakistan calling shots where they have successfully appropriated Kashmir valley in favour of them and at the same time clearing off their hands from the people who should have been in Pakistan and not in India as they demanded and thereafter due to foolishness of Nehru and his so called supreme leader. The bifurcation of the state will stem the tide against Pakistan and in favour of peace and prosperity of people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh.

Any where in world it is a known fact that geographically huge states with huge populations can never be manned and administered well unless the population of state is under 15 million. That is why demands are being raised in USA to cut a large sized state of California to manageable limits demographically and political geography.

The J&K and most of the states are a sad story of failure of the state due to total mismanagement of development funds and due to lack of good administrators and exemplary political leadership.

A country and a state where one and all are dishonest, corrupt, sloth, truant, not dedicated nothing will ever change. Time for vague IAS etc and ignorant MLAs becoming ministers who work part time is out. We need hard working technocrats and not bureaucrats for jobs under an elected politician which means change of constitution to Presidential form of governance from top to bottom with functionaries being full time public servants like in USA with participation of masses as monitors for day to day public affairs and administration.

The step of dividing J&K will succeed only with honest administrators, leaders and accountable administration.