Perceived planning by Modi- Shah team for The New Shape of Jammu and Kashmir

Date: 08/08/2019

Perceived planning by Modi- Shah team

Modi -Shah planned the historic August 5/6, 2019 removal of Art 370 extremely smartly and covertly in a step by step manner from the day they joined hands with PDP almost 4 years back to form a coalition Govt in J&K!

This was severely criticised by the opposition and many Modi Bhakts too!

Take a few minutes and read this to know how brilliant Modi Govt strategy was!

Step 1.

Form the Govt with PDP on the pretext of obeying the mandate of people of J&K to investigate and understand in minute details all the inner secrets of governance of J&K Govt since 1954.

Once they had all the details, BJP withdrew the support from PDP’s Mehbooba Mufti Government.

This was the most Important decision so that the power to give consent to any bill could be transferred to the the Governor!

Step 2.

Presidential order to transfer power of J&K assembly to Indian Parliament was passed in 2018 itself using the power of President of India under Article 356.

Step 3.

In order to validate it further and remove any objection from opposition parties through the Supreme court, a new SC/ST amendment was brought in and passed using this power and as expected HC or SC courts did not or could not say anything but agree!

Step 4.

Now that validation to SC/ST bill was done, the power of Governor became unquestioned in any court. Using the precedent of 1952, the power of constituent assembly was transferred to the State assembly and the power of state assembly had already been granted to the Governor of J&K since 2018!


When the Ajit Doval and his intelligence boys made the governor aware of serious efforts being made by opposition to form the coalition in J&K, Governor dissolved the assembly!

So, the the solution of assembly to prompt old dynasties from taking back J& Rule was part of an overall game plan!

The govt formation with PDP was only held on until all the above conditions were being crystallized!

Summary of game plan:-
1.Form govt in J&K to dissolve it at the appropriate time.

2.Withdraw support to empower the governor.

3. Bring in dissolution of assembly and bring in President Rule in J&K

4.Use Art 356 to empower the J&K governor to take on the rights of the dismissed J&K Parliament!

5.Validate the power of Governor from SC after they having ratified the new SC/ST bill amendment!

6.Use 1952 precedent to tranfer power to the J&K assembly which in turn got transferred to J&K Governor.

7. President declares his right to abrogate 370 and simultaneousl bills to make 370 / 35A toothless and powerless on our constitution is passed in RS on August 5,2019 and LS on Aug 6, 2019 both by 2/3rd majority!

IMPOSSIBLE MADE POSSIBLE AFTER 72 YEARS by MODI-SHAH-DOVAL giving a stinging slap on all anti nationals who dared this MSD trio to remove Art 370!

As to why bifurcation of J&K and Ladakh was done INSTEAD of Trifurcation as conjectured by various experts, here is the possible explanation!

In the instrument of accession signed by Maharaja Hari singh in 1947/48 with Union of India, it mentions 'Jammu and Kashmir! Ladakh was probably not even mentioned! (Some one ratify this!)

The entity, 'Jammu and Kashmir' must exist as one State because POK was part and parcel of J&K in 1947/48 when instrument of accession was signed! This must be kept separate to later integrate POK into our J&K which was rightfully ours!

In future as and when India claims or demands PoK, then this signed instrument of accession would be needed to show that accession was for entire J&K that included the POK that was allowed to be taken by Pakistan later by the devious collusion of Nehru and Sheikh Abdulla!

The crucial timing was withdrawal of BJP from coalition government in J&K! BJP withdrew just a year before General elections! Now they just had to wait till election commission announced date of General elections.

But JK parties began the formation of a coalition to fight in State Election! But before this could happen, alert BJP and the Governor of J&K stopper them in their tracks!

However, the early dissolution of assembly created another problem.
Now the Elections could be forced by opposition to hold J&K elections concurrent with General Elections!

Election commission however did not relent. And the Home ministry rightly raised the security issues and elections to J&K State were postponed. The power remained still with the Governor.

Mehbooba understood this game so did Omar Abdulla and the Cong. Dynasty think tanks!

They all cried and still are crying albeit this time with Pakistanis!

Now, there was no threat to the power of governor till J&K elections for legislature would be announced!

Time was then ripe to pass the SC/ST amendment bill and 10% Reservation for EWS for J&K too! This established power of the governor even further!

In this bill consent of the Governor was construed as consent of the State assembly.

Now SC can not but reject any petition against 370 because they have already accepted the powers of the Governor being same as dismissed assembly!

Now, the paid PIL lawyers, the Congress Party lawyers can not convince Supreme courts judges to back-track from their earlier decision!

If they backtrack, SC and even Congress and their supporters would be deemed anti-Dalit! 😅

SC has no option but to throw all the PIL challenges to Govt’s Art 370 decision into trash cans!

Finally all the anti national Judicial activists of India will have found that they can no more fight the Chanakya NITI of Modi-Shah and Doval including their point men in J&K like Ram Madhav an legal eagles like Subramaniam Swamy!

All along for past almost 13 months, BJP cleverly managed the media, the opposition, the Judiciary and even the naysayers within their own rank with elan and of course total silence!

Indian Nationalists like all of us are really amazed at the brilliant minds of BJP behind this strategy!

While everyone was speculating the future of J&K, BJP was quietly acting as a rock solid wall between NC , PDP and Congress forming an alliance! Their sole aim to delay the coalition as much as possible till August 5, 2019 was successfully executed!

Even if Mehbooba wanted coalition with Omar, BJP made sure that they fall short of numbers. Sajjad Lone was another division within the parties against 370 along with separatists, who delayed the formation of coalition seeking bigger role in Govt if coalition was win!

And finally the master trump card was that the Article 370 has NOT been removed totally at all.

Rather, it has been made toothless and powerless like a castrated dog or a poison gland extracted Snake! Therefore, no constitutional amendment was required to remove it. Mystery of missing fax is yet to be solved!

Full credit to this brilliant analysis to Shri Ayush Narayan ji!

If question were to be asked regarding legal or constitutional fault in this process, Constitution expert Shri Subhash Kashyap ji on #Article 370 said:


I can only say, constitutionally it is sound, no legal & constitution fault can be found in it. Govt has carefully studied the matter.

As for the question, if it's a political decision, I have nothing to say on that.


New history has been written and all 115+ crore Nationalists are celebrating this from KASHMIR to KANYAKUMARI!

Rest of the population can lump it and live with it!

Bharat Mata Ki Jai
[08/08, 10:03 am] BRAHMESH PATEL: Removing article 370 was always on the BJP agenda.

But why they didn't do it in the firs 5 years (2014 to 2019)???

Well, then they were preparing the ground work.

Modi traveled extensively and made a personal rapport with all the countries and world leaders across the spectrum _(and for the same travels he had to bear a lot of flak, but we see the fruits now)_ . With HUG-lomacy he pocketed leaders from US, UK, France, Russia, Japan, Israel, Saudi, UAE, and where he not only conducted great Road Shows with NRIs but was also bestowed with their greatest civilian awards and honours.

China was effectively neutralised (if not pocketed), especially during BRICS summit in China (after Doklam) where they pronounced LeT and JuD as terrorists organizations. Later China conceded not to Veto UN resolution on Masood Azhar.

Personal rapport plays a great role in getting support when you touch sensitive issues like Shooting a Satellite or changing the status of Kashmir.

On the other hand, Pakistan, the key contender to Kashmir issue, was also effectively neutralised.

Demonetization effectively curtailed an important source of income for Pakistan through printing fake Indian currency. Couple this with Modi's extensive campaign to isolate Pakistan on the world forums, (even at IOC), pronouncing them as state sponsors of terrorism and having terrorism as a state policy, thus dwindling any hope for FDIs into the already crumbling Pakistani economy. The Chinese Loan based investments in over-glorified CPEC brought them into a trap if cyclic loans and payment issues. Even the Muslim countries were merely giving lip service to Pakistan so as to not to antagonize India, which was bow their new found friend. Then came the FATF trap followed by IMF trap. India was on board the FATF panel, and ensures Pakistan cuts down on their Terrorist infrastructure.

Further , a weak Pakistan knew it cannot antagonize Trump, and for which they had to promise all possible at Afghanistan, without anything concrete in return (the coalition support fund of annual 1 billion USD has NOT been restored).
At this juncture Modi gave a check mate to Pakistan, Hurriyat and Opposition by making most of the sub-clauses of Article 370, inoperational and redundant with a presidential decree, already ratified by the upper house (Rajya Sabha).

Now only Pakistan can raise this issue at international foras.

So what can happen.

OIC and Muslim world may give only lip service.

China may not jump head down into this, and in all possibility make a cautious approach

US, UK, France, Russia, Japan, Israel (and others) will probably look the other way. (Modi's personal rapport)

If Pakistan starts funding and sending terrorists, FATF *may* blacklist them and the badly needed IMF loan may be withdtawn (as it is linked to FATF recommendations)

Imran Khan, having promised Trump of all possible help in Afghanistan will not be able to blackmail US due the Kashmir developments, and will be bound to focus time, money and manpower on the Afghan front

This is Modi's CHAKRAVYUH

Jai Ho
[08/08, 10:13 am] Ashwani Sarin: Although I never send political post but seeing need of present situation & understanding in a big way I couldn't resist myself, by posting this my intention is not to hurt sentiment of anyone. REGARDS

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