Date: 09/08/2019

Dr Wasim Hadi shames Kashmiri Muslims on Article 370 and 35 A

Dear Kashmiris,

Why is so much problem with you from removing article 370 and 35 A.
When you have never honored it earlier ever.

These articles protected your rights by saying that other Indians can not purchase land
in Kashmir. But you expelled 6 lakh Kashmiri citizens, who were your ancestors, from
their own land and homes.

This article gave you right to have your own flag within India. You left that and picked
up flag of Pakistan and ISIS.

This article gave you right to have your own constitution. You left that and picked up
guns against Indian constitution. The condition now is so bad that all Indian Muslim
citizens have to say that MY NAME IS KHAN and I AM NOT A TERRORIST.

From day one, it was a political matter. It had nothing to do with Islam and Jihad. You linked it with Islam and Jihad. Because religion is the only tool by which the mobs can be mobilized for political purposes without asking relevant questions.

This article gave you a separate State with special privileges. Everything was fine, until you started asking for a separate country. Who breached the agreement first?

By removing these articles, Republic of India is giving you a chance to be normal citizens of United India like all other citizens. Accept it, or be ready to be vanished.

As an Indian Citizen, let me tell you Kashmir will remain a part of India with or without
Muslim Kashmiris.