Reality and Kashmir 370, 35A Squabbles

Date: 11/08/2019

Thank you. What remarkable research into the ruling family of Kashmir!
They (Muslims) are quick to "grab" NON Muslim girls, starting with Qaid-i-Azam who married a PARSI, yet HATE THE HINDUS, THE JEWS,THE CHRISTIANS, THE PARSIS, AND EVERYBODY ELSE!

11 Aug 19

Sent: Sun, 11 Aug 2019 23:32
Subject: Reality and Kashmir 370, 35A Squabbles

Kashmir 370, 35A Squabbles ongoing between ordinary people.
While fact of the matter is.

Dogras are the ones to be impacted as major landholders and rulers for last 170 years.

Kashmir's first Prime Minister and later Chief Minister for many decades Ghulam Mohammed Bakshi's grandson Jaish Bakshi is married to Sonali Jaitley daughter of Arun Jaitley.

Farooq Abdullah who was Doctor GP in England married a British nurse Mollie.

Farooq's daughter Sara is married to Sachin son of Rajesh Pilot a Gujjar Hindu leader from Rajasthan.

Farooq's son was married to a Sikh girl Payal daughter of Army officer Lt General Ram Nath a Sehajdhari Khatri Sikh.

Why did these MUSLIM grooms condemn & reject MUSLIM girls as unfit, ugly or inferior?