Date: 11/08/2019


The princely ruler of J & K State signed the Treaty of Accession with India and that ought to be respected by Pakistan. Pakistan committed the aggression by invading Kashmir and ought to be punished. An aggressor must never be allowed to get away with his crime. Thus, Pakistan should not only keep ‘hands off’ Kashmir but also pay war reparations for invading the State and causing loss of life and property.

India will be within her rights, as the aggrieved party to take her complaint to World Court of Justice at Hague or to Security Council in New York.

But due to treachery of Congress Party and Jawaharlal Nehru, “ULTA CHOR KOTWAAL KO DAANTE!” What irony! It is Pakistan that is taking India to the UNO. Travesty of justice and morality!

Implications of keeping Article 370:

1. Indian Muslims see two nation theory re-confirmed and will start agitation for separation.

2. Destabilising effect on the neighbouring East Punjab where the separatists will see justification for separation.

3. Message to the rest of the world: “Beware of the growing Muslim population that will lead to Islamic take-over sooner or later and you will be treated like the YAZIDIS in Syria and the Hindus in Noakhali, West Punjab & South Kashmir.”

4. A fundamentalist separatist intolerant religion from Arabia will be acknowledged as superior to the civilised concepts of democracy and secularism..

5. Frustrated Kashmiri Muslims, victims of brainwashing, misguided by Pakistan, will be radicalised and join Al Qaida or the Taliban and go out to the world to kill and destroy.

6. They abducted, raped, KILLED their Hindu neighbours and forced hundreds of thousands to leave homes to become refugees in Bharat. The Government of India failed in their primary responsibility to provide safety to the Pandits in Kashmir. Therefore Government of India ought to apologise and also give suitable COMPENSATION to the displaced Kashmiri Pandits who were driven to wilderness when government writ collapsed.

7. We should tell Pakistan to consider return to Mother India. What the Founder of Pakistan, Mohammed Ali Jinnah did to his own LAND OF BIRTH was High Treason. In India he fits perfectly the definition of a traitor. Hence the misguided INDIAN Muslims ought to end their insurrection and separation and honour the memory of their pre-Partition ancestors who were singing praises of Hindusthan (“Saare Jahan se achcha, Hindusthan Hamaara!”).

The only disappointed parties will be those manufacturers of weapons of war who will be denied great fortunes if peace prevails!

12 August 2019