Date: 27/05/2013


They brought 30 bandits captured in a forest near Sialkot to the Court of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. The prisoners were emaciated due to hunger and maltreatment by their captors.

"Your Majesty," said the "Raksha Mantri", "these bandits and outlaws have played Hell with the government machinery. We plead for their immediate beheading."

The Maharaja looked at them with one eye. Suddenly there was a gleam in it. The prisoners nervously awaited the order of their execution. But the Maharaja had judged the men in an instant and ordered, "Enrol them in the Khalsa Army and send them off to capture Khyber Pass." He had seen that they were poor people simply fed up with the corruption and insults meted out to them by State officials. And so, they had revolted.

The bandits, all handcuffed and in shackles, were stunned to hear this and could not believe their ears. The Royal command also disappointed the general standing nearby who had hoped to win medals for gallantry after carrying out "fake" encounters to kill them all.

Within a month the news came that the Afghan garrison at Khyber had been captured by the Sikhs after a fierce battle and the defenders were fleeing towards Kabul. The "BHAGWA" was flying over the new frontier of Hindusthan.

A similar incident occured in France when a band of highway robbers and throat cutters, destined for guillotine and gallows, was put in military uniform and called the "FOREIGN LEGION". Their victories for France are renowned.

Those were native rulers, deep in patriotism who "RELATED" to the people and country. The enemy was not called a "brother" but seen as the Wolf that eats humans (Hindus).

But the present useless, corrupt and over expensive "Sarkar" of foreign loyalties in Hindusthan has to be TAUGHT A LESSON from our own ancient history as to how the Kings (rulers) are supposed to rule their subjects by LOVE and EXAMPLE.

What LOVE in the eyes of Sonia, President of All India Congress Party, for the Hindus, looking through her ITALIAN eyes and brain, and what EXAMPLE set by "RASCAL" RAJIV, THE BOFORS CHOR!

We should be ashamed at our INABILITY to change this anti national, anti people and anti Hindu "Sarkar" that only knows two things: SCAMS and CORRUPTION.

A look at our own native rulers will open our eyes. During the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh not one hanging or beheading took place. Much earlier, before the Muslim barbarians and the European colonists appeared on our soil Kings and Emperors like Chandra Gupta Maurya and Ashoka, treated the subjects with utmost kindness like members of their own families.

Today, in sheer contrast, Congress Party and Nehru Dynasty are like a despicable band of unscrupulous robbers who "KILLED" Secularism while surrendering vast territories to ISLAM, and "KILLED" Democracy while accepting Partition without REFERENDUM. In their eyes, THAT was democracy!

And all the Indian "coolie" press, cabinet ministers, morons and media agree 200%!

An appeal to the captive Hindu nation: "Consider the Naxalites as the NATIVES and the Italian born Sonia Maino-Gandhi a FOREIGNER. Any son of an Italian, is also a FOREIGNER, even under the name "Rahul".

Appoint a new "Raksha Mantri" and challenge him to go for Lahore and KHYBER like the "Raksha Mantri" called Hari Singh Nalwa. And let us add to the list of aliens "brother" Salman Khursheed, too, who is supposed to represent Hindusthan and mention Geeta, Granth and Vedas abroad. Quite frankly the world, as well as most of us, do not wish to see a single Muslim in Broken Bharat until we see them crying for Akhand Bharat, just as they all did for Pakistan.

Truly, the present "INDO-ITALIAN "mongrel" ruling establishment in Bharat is all dead set against the aspiration of the (genuine) brother who said recently, "Hindu glory is about to re-surface soon."

It will happen only if each one of us in Kashmir, Kolkata, Karnataka and Kerala is prepared to "lift a finger". That means, passing on the AWARENESS in order to mobilise public opinion across the country. Barely visible Hindu LEADERS should begin to THAW from frozen state.


27 May 13.