Farooq Abdullah should be tried for crime against humanity

Date: 17/08/2019





Farooq Abdullah should be tried for crime against humanity

13 August 2019

Narendra Modi was on track when he blamed Farooq Abdullah for the genocide of Kashmiri Pandits. I have written about Abdullah’s culpability before and it is criminal that he was never taken to task for this.
Dr. Abdullah abdicated his duty as the Chief Minister in 1990. At least five lakh Kashmiri Pandits, whose ancestors lived in the valley for 5000 years were ethnically cleansed and it is horrifying that this happened in a democratic country under the nose of an elected Chief Minister. It seems that he was the CM only for the Muslims, he obviously did not care a fig about the Pandits.
Then he has the gall to tell those who have voted for PM Modi that they should drown themselves in the sea! It is time he looked at his own past and take responsibility for what happened under his tenure when a peaceful valley became akin to the Islamic State. Anyone who was not Muslim was killed or made to leave.
Do such people not have any conscience?
Farooq Abdullah played golf while Kashmir burnt. He is the modern day Nero of India. Abdullah was so into nightlife and fun that he was called Wazir E Disco by Kashmiris.
A reporter from Times Nows question asked him recently why he sympathised with Separatists and stone pelters and he said they have their grievances. It is a pity the reporter did not ask him about the grievances of the Kashmiri Pandits. I would love to know what he thinks about them, if he is capable of thinking.
Farooq Abdullah remained silentwhen Advocate Premnath Bhat was killed in Anantnag. He did not do a thing when posters were pasted outside the Pandit’s homes threatening them to leave Kashmir or be killed.
Farooq Abdullah remained silentwhen the Wandhama massacre happened and when hundreds of Sikhs were killed in Chhatisingh Pura, Kashmir.
Farooq remained silent when loud speakers in mosques blared ethnic cleansing messages threatening Kashmiris Pandits to leave Kashmir, but not to take their daughters and wives with them. Something that only radicalised and really sick people would say. His silence only proves his approval of what was happening.
He did not lift a finger when Doordarshan director Lassa Kaul was killed in Srinagar and Justice Neelkanth Ganjoo was assassinated. Farooq Abdullah remained silent when advocate Tika Lal
Taploo was assassinated in broad daylight in Srinagar.
Farooq Abdullah remained silentwhen nurse Sarla Ganju was hanged on a tree after her breasts were cut off. This gross act was simply ignored in a democracy where the elected leader thought nothing of it.
So many others were killed with impunity only because they were Pandits and Farooq Abdullah was never questioned or brought to justice even though all this happened when he was the Chief Minister.
As Indians we need to go into his murky past and it is not too late to bring these fact up in a court of law and have him tried for his crimes against humanity.

There are four lakh witnesses still living in exile who can point out what happened to them and how he just let it happen.

As the Chief Minister he had the entire state machinery under him and could have stopped the murder and ethnic cleansing but did not do a thing.

That makes him culpable. Very culpable, indeed.

Several lakh Pandits driven from their lands are still living as refugees, waiting to go back to their land and homes. Don’t they need justice?

Ashali Varma Freelance journalist has authored the biography of her father late Lt. Gen. PS Bhagat — ‘The Victoria Cross: A Love Story’.


Is Rahul Gandhi on the same page as Imran Khan?

Ashali Varma

07 August 2019

It is astounding to hear Rahul Gandhi and Imran Khan of Pakistan talking about the abrogation of Article 370 and 35 A. They both along with their cronies are talking about democracy being dead in India!
Does not Rahul realise that the only time democracy was perverted in India was under his grandmother’s rule during Emergency? Does not Imran Khan realise that he is a puppet of the Establishment in Pakistan and there has been no real democracy in Pakistan, ever. The moment any political party bucked the Army and ISI in Pakistan they were replaced by martial law.
The two talk about the Kashmiris in J&K but the original Kashmiris were thrown out, ethnically cleansed in the 1990s. In fact if one is to go into history the Kashmiri Pundits had seven exodus’s from the time of the first Islamic invasions.
The Hindus Valmikis who were asked to come to the valley as sweepers have still not got their rights as citizens of Kashmir.
In addition, lakhs of Hindus, Sikhs who escaped during the genocide of partition from Pakistan to J&K were still not allowed to be citizens of India all due the ignominious residential rights coined by Sheik Abdullah, who only allowed Muslims a special status.
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Chidambaram leaked Chidambara Rahasya of Congress


14 August 2019

One can’t hide a secret for long, especially when one’s survival is threatened. And, the Truth has a nasty habit of coming out of darkest closets at the most inconvenient time. Thus the circumstances forced Chidambaram, the man who wanted to follow the footsteps of Dr Manmohan Singh to become Prime Minister in the unlikely event of Congress returning to power, had vented out his frustration.

He said “If Jammu and Kashmir was a Hindu dominated state, the BJP would not have done this.. They did it only because the region is dominated by Muslims”. Not surprisingly none of the regular media found it as “controversial” the adjective used for all statements made by fourth rung leaders of BJP. Still, prima facie, the comment made by Chidambaram was controversial indeed.
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I am an Indian, a Christian, and I live in India without fear: An open letter to Pakistan PM Imran Khan

OpIndia Staff

15 August 2019

On the Independence Day address to nation, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan communalised Kashmir issue and equated the RSS with Nazis. Former Goa Congress leader and editor-in-chief of Goa Chronicle, Savio Rodrigues wrote an open letter to Pakistani Prime Minister shutting him up and said how as a Christian in India, another religious minority, he lives without any fear.
His open letter which was first published on Goa Chronicle has been republished here verbatim with his permission.

I have no respect for your intelligence or your position as Prime Minister of Pakistan. But I do respect your cricketing skills, I grew up watching.
Being a leader on a cricket field is not the same as being a leader of a nation.
I have no respect for your political acumen because in my analysis of you as a politician, you don’t have the aptitude or right attitude to be a leader of a nation.That you are elected by your people raises serious questions of the mental prowess of the people of your nation.
Without beating around the bush, let me get straight to the moot point of me writing you an open letter.
In your tweet on August 14, 2019 at 5.50 PM, you stated, “This is the RSS ideology that threatens not just Kashmiris or Pakistan or even just Indian Muslims, Christians & Dalits but India itself as envisaged by its Founding Fathers.”
In this tweet you shared an article – ‘Hitler’s Hindus – The rise and rise of India’s Nazi-loving nationalists’.
I am an Indian. I am also a Christian.
I live in India without fear.
I travel across most parts of India on my reporting assignments without fear.
I have two daughters, who have grown up in India without fear and live without fear.
I have a mother, father and wife who live in India without fear.
As a Christian and more so as an Indian, I have never felt threatened or intimidated by what you term to be RSS ideology in my nation.
I am not a RSS-member.
I have many friends in the RSS like I do in most social organisations irrespective of religion or social linkages.
I have studied about the RSS in my learnings about my country. I have found them to be a social service organisation with India and the people of India at its heart.
I have also found some RSS members that I have interacted with, to be exemplary citizens and human beings.
This boogey that foreign political leaders like you Imran try to spew about RSS or about the Hindutva ideology exposes your lack of understanding of the cultural roots of India and the true secularism of India that goes beyond creed, caste and socio-economic status. This is because to every Indian – India is our motherland and it is our Dharma to protect her and her children.
I do not expect you as a Pakistani to understand or have an emotional attachment to the idea of a motherland; that’s because your land was a gift from our Motherland, which our Founding Fathers gave willingly for the Muslims who wanted a land of their own.
You got the gift of land from Mother India but your Founding Fathers could not keep the Muslim people together. Therefore you divided from Pakistan into Pakistan and Bangladesh.
I foresee an inevitable eventuality that Pakistan will further divide into more nations in the years to come. And this is because within your Pakistani souls, you do not have a feeling for the concept of a Motherland.
I believe today is also remembered as the Balochistan Solidarity Day and the fight for a Free Baloch. This is a part of your Pakistan right now but not for long.
You talk about Christians being threatened in India. I can confidently tell you the Indians who follow the Christian faith live in the arms of their #BharatMata. This is our mother and no child is ever threatened by her mother.
I know, however, that the Christians in Pakistan cannot be truly free.. They are constantly under threat because you are an Islamic Nation and not a secular-Hindu nation.
I can only imagine the fear and harassment Asia Bibi and her family went through on account of a false blasphemy case. This is the behaviour of the Islamic fanatics in your nation and you could not even protect her. She had to leave her land and migrate to another country.
You could not even protect the young Muslim man Mashal Khan, who was brutally killed in a University in Pakistan over a blasphemy issue. The eyes in those Pakistanis that bludgeoned the poor man were pure evil. Evil that feeds on fanaticism.
So please don’t lecture an Indian-Christian about India and his safety in his own Motherland.
I understand that the assertive and aggressive decision taken by my government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Article 370 has caught you and your military by surprise; and more importantly you can feel Kashmir slipping out of your hand; that however, does not give you the right to indulge in childish fear-mongering about the welfare of the people of my country.
It is my humble advice that you spend time looking after affairs of your crumbling and incompetent nation.
Christian are safe, Muslims are safe and Dalits are safe. You must not spend too much time getting feedback from the leaders of Congress in India; I say this because you both seem to be parroting the same script on Kashmir and the revoking of Article 370. Their performance in the recent Lok Sabha 2019 elections should tell you that they have no idea about the mood of the people of India and they are on a downward spiral into an abyss from where there is no return.
Let me also be blunt to tell you that we will expose every Pakistani in an Indian garb in our country.
I know whatever I am writing to you, will fall on deaf ears, because like I said initially that you neither have the aptitude or attitude to be a political leader of a nation but I needed to set the record straight with you as an Indian-Christian.
Don’t ever drag an Indian-Christian into your false propaganda. You don’t know our love for #BharatMata.
Jai Hind!
Jai Shri Ram!