Date: 21/08/2019

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Question: What wrong did u find with Abdul Kalam? (your e-mail below).
Answer: His Islamic name & top secret core belief.

Yes, most Hindus are mighty thrilled to see an exception in Abdul Kalam. it is due to deeply ingrained INFERIORITY COMPLEX and the inherent FEAR of asking questions or suspecting the King! By some, a Musalmaan is still perceived to be a KIng.

I have nothing PERSONAL against Dr Kalam. He had all the attributes and virtues of a Hindu and was even BETTER than most Hindus, except that he did not take the last step (NOT THAT YOU CARE!), to say, "I am a Hindu!"

The defeated nation makes many a concession even after accepting the TWO NATION theory in order to "digest" the breakaway PAKISTAN. And yet has NO guts to demand even ONE condition in exchange for ONE THIRD of India that was surrendered unconditionally. A FREE nation is a BOLD nation. We could easily reject the demand for Pakistan. We could have charged Mohammed Ali Jinnah of TREASON, but NO, we didn't! Those who PERCEIVE themselves slaves do not dare to ask the MASTERS any questions!

Lastly, we had come to the conclusion that in the land of infidels, a MUSLIM is never to be trusted. There were "mountains" of murdered Hindus. Some estimates put the number killed by "Khans, Pathans and Kalams" at SIX HUNDRED MILLION! A wise man knows the attributes of a snake after ONE bite. What to say of the Hindus who have NOT understood the mindset, indoctrination and tactics of a MUSLIM even after 600,000,000 bites?

It's a free chaotic world and India is PARTITIONED between Muslims and The Rest (i.e., Riff Raff since "the Rest" were NOT consulted!). So please believe what you wish but in the light of Muslims' craft, art and DECEPTION, we should not have seen a MUSLIM as the Supreme Commander of a Hindu nation, now punished for the ONLY fault, of trusting!

For that fault Hindusthan is confined to the Middle Fragment of India since 1947 when ALL Muslims were THRILLED to see the birth of Islamic Pakistan. Dr Kalam did NOT condemn Jinnah or Partition as YOU would do.

THE BLOOD OF MY ANCESTORS WAS NOT CHEAP. It is the DEAD HINDUS who whisper in our ears, So long as Partition stands, that is, Multan and Chittagong are out of India, never trust a Muslim, however secular!, and even if he is your son-in-law!"

Who knows whether Kalam had to be extra secular because he was passing TOP SECRET details of India's nuclear details to Pakistan? Who knows which Hindu we kept BACK while putting Kalam FORWARD? Who knows whether he was praying, "O Allah, let my cover not be blown."

We are certain that you have more attachment to Kalam than Multan! You are free to make your choice like MOST Hindus, since most Hindus are naive and gullible- and most ignorant. Hence Lahore and Sylhet are NOT in Hindusthan today while Delhi & Chennai will be OUT tomorrow!.

The goats were all thrilled when the tiger declared, "I will not eat you but live on lentils and spinach!"

It is part of a person's regional historic wisdom after his community has gone through numerous bloodbaths over centuries that says, "If a Muslim dips his wet arm in a heap of seeds, do not trust him even if he takes as many oaths on the Koran as there are seeds sticking to his arm!"

I can see where you come from! Your part of the world never saw Hindus being massacred, or "partition", or a Hindu refugee, or a temple set on fire, priests beheaded and idols smashed to pieces or trampled on- being a thousand miles away from Ayodhya, or hundreds of Hindu girls gang raped. So your view on Abdul Kalam and any Khan & Kalam will be different from those in West Bengal, South Kashmir, East Punjab, Sylhet and Noakhali who were crying till they went hoarse, "AKHAND BHARAT-AMAR RAHE!"

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I am sorry brother.What wrong did u find with Abdul Kalam?He belongs to our place Rameshwaram,near to Madurai.I know how he lived his life.He is more Hindu than a born Hindu though being a Muslim Well versed in Gits and Thirukkural and remained a true bachelor in his life.Created great awareness among masses about the greatness of Bharath when he lived.Practised Viveka Vairagya,Shama,Dhama,Uparati,Titikshaand Shraddha like a true sannyasin.Please throw light why you spewed venom on him?Namasthe