Date: 10/09/2019

Hearing the silence

Please read the following e-mail and draw your own conclusion about the courage & quality of HINDU leadership in Hindusthan. Centuries of slavery and degradation have "demolished" them completely- mentally and physically. It is now time for their (vigorous) RESURRECTION unless we wish to let Delhi, too, go by default or stupidity! Some of the TOP Hindu leaders ought to go and spend a few weeks in the USA and ISRAEL to study the beliefs & behaviour of the leaders of majority communities there and come back inspired and encouraged to guide the Hindus properly. At present the Hindus are a badly fractured community and the leaders are unable to cope.

With Karachi, Lahore and Dhaka gone and frontier crashing down to Wagah, there is not a ripple of effect on Lok Sabha or the Rashtrapati just like the rain water falling on rocks & stones. Tens of millions of Hindus have been killed or expelled from their ancestral homes but hardly anyone relates to them or has the time to reflect on the state of Bharat whose wings (Bengal and Punjab) are clipped. The sacred Garuda is grounded and limping- unable to fly.

Pakistan has launched a vigorous worldwide offensive against India over the removal of Article 370 but do we hear our own media counter charging? Where has the courage flown, to tell the world that PAKISTAN ITSELF is an illegal rogue State whose birth was High Treason. Her birth in 1947 was the result of threat and bullying. Her creation was undemocratic, separatist and illegal. People of India were not consulted nor a referendum held. But the shameless COWARDS and TRAITORS (despicable sons of Bharat Mata) took no time to confer official recognition to the illegal, undemocratic, intolerant, fundamentalist, separatist, Kafir-killer Islamic State ON THE SOIL OF HINDUSTHAN!

Nehru congratulated Jinnah on his "achievement" and not one Muslim was either expected, or asked, to depart for his cherished Pakistan- notwithstanding that the demand for Pakistan was supported by MOST, if not all, the INDIAN Muslims. Even today do we hear a single Muslim leader in India campaigning for "Akhand Bharat" where we lived happily until 1947, whose frontier was at Khyber Pass? Even the most secular Rashtrapati (President), the darling of Hindu nation due to his love of Sanskrit and vegetarian diet, Dr Abdul Kalam, never appealed to his counterpart in Pakistan to end the rebellion and dissolve the breakaway Islamic State in order to bring peace to the insecure soul of ALL the Indian Muslims who KNOW that they lost their legitimacy to citizenship rights the day Pakistan was established as a separate sovereign State for ALL the Indian Muslims, as their exclusive Islamic homeland!

The country got divided on religious basis alone, and doors shut on the Hindus who were most unwillingly betrayed on the OTHER side of the new disgusting borders, passing through the middle of the once grand provinces of Bengal and Punjab in an obscene, vulgar and provocative manner. Despite Maharaja Hari Singh signing the Document of Accession, Nehru treated the State subjects, mostly Muslim, in a very special way by giving separate political status, separate Constitution, separate flag, and a lot of funding and subsidies. Nehru did not provide the subjects of all other States (there were over 300 of them!) with the same bounties, privileges, subsidies and largesse. Nehru was beyond LAW. His sabotage was ignored by the Hindus and he became the un-elected prime minister with powers that rivaled those of Emperor Aurangzeb.

It is, therefore, time to do the following immediately:-

1. Deny Partition, that must be RE-NEGOTIATED if "Bharat Mata ki Jaya!" is not a mere parrot's chant. Partition without population transfer is only a death trap for the surviving Hindus who escaped the "Sword of Islam". Bharat of the noble patriots begins at Khyber Pass but of the defeated nation at Wagah or Atari!

2. Ask Pakistan for compensation, close to the PRICE OF ITS LAND. India cannot give away even an inch of her territory without charging for it. Not an inch of Bharat was meant to be surrendered or given FREE OF COST to our enemies.

3. Negotiate the voluntary move of ALL Hindus in Pakistan to whom living under an Islamic Constitution in 21st Century is as disgusting as being forced to eat beef, to Bharat. They are entitled to Indian citizenship the moment they step on the Indian soil.

4. Offer incentives like jobs to the Muslims in Kashmir so they have to report for work every morning instead of taking our processions and demonstrations. It will ensure peace in the Valley. Open JOB BUREUS or EMPLOYMENT OFFICES in every town in J & K that show job vacancies across the whole of India. This is one way of moving the Muslims out of Valley, leaving less of trouble makers behind!

5. Dump the defeatist mentality of MK Gandhi who was willing to give the INDIAN Muslims everything, including our sacred TERRITORY, in order to buy peace at any cost.

6. Seduction, forced marriage of Hindu girls and their conversion to Islam, an import from Arabia, must be made illegal across Pakistan and Bharat, Such a marriage should only be legal is the Mohammedan groom embraces the religion of his Non Muslim bride. Weak kneed Hindusthan could neither defend Lahore nor the tens of thousands of innocent Hindu girls who have been "LOST" to their parents, society and country in this way.

7. A new Constitution is the need of the hour. The present document, that does not mention "Akhand Bharat" or "Hindus", was meant to save Nehru's skin after his signing the unconditional surrender of Bharat to the Indian Muslims.

10 Sep 2019
PS: Tomorrow is 11th of September (Nine Eleven in America!). How will "bleeding" PARTITIONED India show her solidarity with the UNITED States against our COMMON enemy? Will the Rashtrapati in New Delhi send a note of sympathy to the American ambassador to India for the THREE THOUSAND innocent Americans who perished that day in 2001?
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There are some fine memoirs by Pandits who had to leave Kashmir. But perhaps the most authoritative account of how and why they left is contained in an essay by Sonia Jabbar, The Spirit of Place, published in Civil Lines 5. Across three pages of closely printed text, Jabbar lists 36 Pandit men and women murdered by jihadists, their names, their dates of birth and death, their native village, their family members. The matter-of-fact listing is followed by this paragraph in the writer’s own voice:

“These are just a few of the names of the Pandits who were killed by the militants between 1989-1991. I’d love to add some nine hundred more for you to get the complete picture. These women and men were not killed in the crossfire, accidentally, but were systematically and brutally targeted. Many of the women were gang-raped before they were killed. One woman was bisected by a mill saw. The bodies of the men bore marks of torture. Death by strangulation, hanging, amputations, the gouging of eyes, were not uncommon. Often their bodies were dumped with notes forbidding anyone—on pain of death—to touch them. 900 brutal killings out of a population of around 350,000 Pandits over a period of 24 months is a startling figure. Anyone who says Jagmohan engineered the Pandit exodus is a liar.”
The first and greatest tragedy of the Kashmiri Pandits was that they were forced to flee their homeland. It was their own people who turned on them, or looked the other way as they were turned upon, when the forces of jihad made the Pandits their manic victims. The cultural, poetic, and mystical ties that once bound the Pandits to Kashmiris of other faiths were brutally sundered by Islamic fundamentalists. Now, only their memories, mostly bitter memories, remain.

The second tragedy of the Kashmiri Pandits was that their expulsion coincided with the persecution of Muslims in other parts of India. For these were also the years of the rise of the movement to demolish the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya. The Rath Yatras and Ram Shila Pujans organised by LK Advani and his cohort catalysed a series of riots across northern and western India, in which innocent Muslims suffered enormously. Since these riots occurred over a far wider swathe of the country, the tragedy in Kashmir was obscured by the (numerically) greater tragedy taking place simultaneously in the rest of India.

The third tragedy of the Kashmiri Pandits was that the true facts of their persecution were denied or obscured. Despite the stream of Pandit memoirs, and solidly factual accounts like Jabbar’s, the story that either Pakistan, or Governor Jagmohan, or both, were responsible for the Pandits leaving their homeland gained currency. These untruths promoted a sense of denialism among the Muslim political leadership of Kashmir. The Hurriyat, the People’s Democratic Party and the National Conference all came to pretend that Kashmiri Muslims had nothing at all to do with the expulsion of Kashmiri Hindus.