Date: 10/09/2019

Dear friends,
Please see the name of the airport at New Delhi in the e-mail below (deleted) that was given by the despicable mental SLAVES of Nehru Dynasty. It's not only this Airport that celebrates a BOGUS "Gandhi", there are HUNDREDS of other instances where we see the names "Nehru and Gandhi" as if the sub continent produced NO other person of merit or calibre in any of her TWENTY-EIGHT other States! In this mode of SLAVERY thousands of other SUITABLE PATRIOTIC names have been denied recognition and honour.

A civilised tolerant country takes great care of the feelings and sensibilities of all her citizens. Never is a name of an arrogant or corrupt ruler given to a public place that reminds any section of the population of the GREAT HURT caused by that person's policies and actions. So how is it that the administration in India's capital could be so insensitive while choosing the name of a CONTROVERSIAL and evil prime minister who gagged democracy by declaring EMERGENCY to seal their lips?

Those THIRTY THOUSAND who were unceremoniously thrown in jails during Emergency ought to have come out to PROTEST! Is the great Hindu nation so LIFELESS that no voice of protest arose when they considered the name of Nehru's arrogant daughter?

Also how could Delhi administration overlook the HURT this autocratic Maimuna Begum caused to the entire Sikh community and many Hindus, too, who go to Sri Harmandir Sahib for worship? The holy shrine was attacked by her "MERCENARY" Indian Army (who had to liberate North Kashmir first!) on the special occasion of a Gurpurb when thousands of pilgrims, who have nothing to do with politics, gather to pay homage to Guru Arjun Devji who was tortured and martyred by the Mogul Emperor of the time.

The massacre of the THOUSANDS (not tens or hundreds!) of INNOCENT Sikhs and the savage manner of each murder, including small boys in front of their mothers, and the rape of women, sent shock waves across the world. Yet the Delhi administration, beholden to the Dynasty that gave us Partition, Corruption and Scams, ignored more suitable names like Guru Tegh Bahadur, Maharraja Ranjit Sinkgh, even Guru Arjun Devji but selected the name of Nehru's daughter who occupied her father's post without causing any revulsion or protest across Bharat!

That SLAVES' tradition was again confirmed when Nehru's grandson, Rajiv KHAN, was instantly made the Prime Minister of Hindusthan with NO regard whatsoever to his credentials, suitability, character, ability, even his FOREIGN spouse who was Security Risk No. 1! Anti Hindu Rajiv Khan, the KILLER OF INNOCENT TAMILS in Sri Lanka, is still held to be a semi god by the rulers of Bharat if no attempt is being made to recover the FIFTY MILLION dollar commission he took from Bofors Gun Company in Sweden!

In every civilised country only non controversial names of people are chosen for airports, roads, institutions and major events. So WHY is Bharat a bad exception when the overwhelming MAJORITY of her citizens are dead set against the names of ONE power hungry, ANTI HINDU (Hindu bashing) corrupt and "dirty" dynasty only?

Now what should the sane citizens of Bharat, especially the Sikhs, do to remove that provocative name "Indira Gandhi" from New Delhi's International Airport? Should they demonstrate in public, go on hunger strike or do self immolation when still the obscene name of MAIMUNA BEGUM sends shivers down the spine of millions of Hindus and Sikh landing or taking off from there due to her "murder of democracy" by Emergency, and her malicious army attack on the Sikhs' holiest shrine in Amritsar on the occasion of a Gurpurb, and later, the massacre of thousands of innocent Sikhs after her assassination? No other country on earth is so INSENSITIVE to the feelings of their minorities like this.

Shame on the insensitive Delhi administration who cannot replace the name of that Airport to "GURU TEGH BAHADUR INT'L AIRPORT". None will object if they show the nation's pride, self esteem and patriotism.

It's time to free ourselves of the slavish loyalty to a treacherous "HINDU BASHING" corrupt dynasty. The taste of real freedom came to the suppressed slavish nation only in May 2014 with the rule of BJP. Before that our Bharat was slave of Nehru Dynasty, the British colonial masters and the terrible Arabs, Turks, Persian, Afghans and the Moguls. The name of the New Delhi International Airport smells of that slavery! It should GO, and GO immediately.

10 Sep 19