Why are Muslims leaving Islam

Date: 14/09/2019

Thank you, Sir, what a good news you have sent! Thank you.

This (e-mail below) is extremely good news for the Land of ALL the greatest and the the holiest Prophets, Messiahs, Avtars & Gurus, that is, HINDUSTHAN.

Until 1947 those who could wield SWORD and use GUNS could conquer LAND. In that year a new CRITERION was established to capture land. It was HEAD COUNT.

India was the FIRST example of this kind, and she suffered mortally. She was "mutilated" in the most illogical and absurd manner. Some two million lost their lives and 14 million had to leave their ancestral homes. The fools call it "Partition" because Pandit Nehru said so!

She was forced to surrender ONE THIRD of her area where the MUSLIMS were a majority. This has been a TRAUMATIC DEFEAT for the Hindus who lost LAND and LIFE for neglecting NUMBERS.

Unfortunately, "Bandit" Nehru, the son of a Mohammedan biological father, enslaved the Hindus promptly and imposed his pseudo-secular Constitution that differed widely from the one HE APPROVED in case of Pakistan. In the Constitution of the latter conversion was banned. In the former conversion was ALLOWED, if not ENCOURAGED.

The result? Hindus started "evaporating" even in Hindusthan. The country is shedding NUMBERS by the hundreds every day. None dare ask, "What will this lead to?" People are AFRAID of violating the Constitutoin and do any "GHAR WAPSI"!

If we had to learn ANY lesson from PARTITION (humiliating and disgusting surrender of one third of India unconditionally!) then we should follow the example of the BRAVE in America.

14 Sep 2019

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Awesome Without Allah: Why These Muslims Are Leaving Islam And Are Proud Of It
By Ayesha Alnissa

- Sep 09, 2019, 7:45 pm

How a North American group is building public support for those who seek to leave, or have left, the Muslim faith.
For the past few days, the hashtag #AwesomeWithoutAllah is trending on Twitter. Ex-Muslims across the world are celebrating leaving Islam and sharing with ‘twitterati’ their happiness on being free from the shackles of Sharia and acquiring newfound freedoms which they could only imagine before.

Ex-Muslims of North America (EXMNA), a non-profit organisation, is spearheading this campaign online as well as offline. It has put up billboards at various public places. “Nearly one in four Muslims raised in the United States have left Islam,” reads one. “Godless. Fearless. Ex-Muslim,” it adds.

One of the goals of EXMNA is to reduce discrimination faced by those who leave Islam. It promotes secular values and is working towards making religious dissent acceptable. The initiative was founded in 2012 by Muhammad Syed, a human rights activist.

Islam is a one-way street as far as its affiliation is concerned. It allows, no, insists, on converting people of other faiths. But no one can leave it for the punishment decreed by Sharia (Islamic law), for apostasy is death.

And killing someone for leaving Islam is not a mere disturbing theory. It is regularly enforced across the Muslim world and that includes even the Western nations where Sharia is not the law. Where the state is not Islamic, zealous
Muslims take it upon themselves to punish those who ‘stray’ from the path of Allah. Last week, two Muslim men were arrested by the authorities in the UK for plotting to kill a female relative who had renounced Islam.