Date: 16/09/2019

A friend wrote, "Nehru bashing seems to be a great sport in India lately."

Thank you for your nihilistic forgiving & forgetting attitude on Pandit Nehru (whose own Pandit community in Kashmir is scattered all over as refugees). Since a MAJORITY of Hindus share (and shared in 1947) your view, the calamity of "Partition" could not be opposed or avenged. The word "Partition" was instantly deleted from the nation's memory by Nehru who assumed extraordinary executives powers on August 15, 1947.

Please do not entertain such a simplistic view to take the eyes off the traitors who betrayed the nation in the hour of utmost peril. Their despicable example has to be in the consciousness of the nation day and night. Forgetting is relapsing into the same situation in which Hindusthan stood every time before her defeat! Hence nations do two things simultaneously: Celebrate the heroes and condemn the traitors.

The need to keep Nehru's TREASON alive is all the more vital since the entire ruling establishment has conspired to go SILENT on the unconditional surrender of one third of India! Nehru did not hand over his personal trousers or hat to Mr Jinnah. He handed over Karachi, Lahore and Dhaka - not as a democrat but as Emperor Aurangzeb or Jehangir who only knew how to crush the Hindus and behead those who refused to convert to Islam.

If we don't mention NEHRU any more, then we become accomplices in keeping the Hindus IGNORANT. They will keep on chanting "Bharat Mata Ki Jaya!" without noticing the disgusting new frontier at Wagah! There is NO proud Punjabi and NO patriotic Bengali who does not share revulsion on the "death" of West Punjab and East Bengal every day.

And it is the result of the curse on the Hindus not to "relate" to fellow Hindus, not even to the sacred soil of Motherland. That is why the Non Punjabi, Non Bengali and the Non Kashmiri Hindus have NO friend in other States! We may be cuckoos but the world knows the Truth. Is there Mussolini University or Hitler Road anywhere in Europe? So, what do the world tourists think of the Hindus when they see Jawaharlal Nehru University, or land at "Indira Gandhi International Airport"?

Do we wish to let the Hindus again wallow in the myth ("muck") that "Partition was a non event?" Were TENS OF MILLIONS OF HINDUS a "herd of cattle" who could be driven from one pasture to another- just like that? Please recall the death of millions and the rape of thousands directly due to Nehru's betrayal and Gandhi's collapse. There has to be accountability. The criminal, culprit or TRAITOR has to be punished. So, WHAT PUNISHMENT did NEHRU get for betraying India and for agreeing to destroy her integrity (unity) and frontiers?

For a proud, patriotic and BRAVE nation it is vital to identify the traitors at the earliest, examine how they betrayed the country and how and why our logic is upside down to honour them by naming universities and airports after them? How INSENSITIVE and TIMID we Hindus are if we do not LOOK AROUND to see that in Germany there is NOT one university or airport named after Hitler.

I hope, dear friend, you'll take our SURRENDERED TERRITORY seriously like an abducted daughter. We'll never hear the father saying, "Forget her. The case is "time barred"!"

Please ask a former refugee from Lahore, Dhaka or Srinagar who lost his home and close relatives if he has forgotten Nehru's High Treason and MK Gandhi's Cowardice! Let us do the impossible, break the tradition of compliant, obedient, slaves, and "RELATE" to fellow Hindus, and TERRITORY, like a sovereign nation!

Finally, we believe that if Criminals (traitors) of 1947 are forgotten, the Hindu nation will again be ready for slaughter & surrender - just as in 1947 and UMPTEEN times earlier!

Pandit Nehru recovered Broken Bharat from the British. And the British captured India from the Mogul Emperor, and from the Marathas and the Sikh Kingdom. Before that, there must have been "one Hindu and a thousand voices" right back to 712 AD when the marauder could forcibly abduct two daughters of Raja Dahir. When in the hour of peril the Raja looked around, not one King or Maharaja came to help- just like the betrayed Hindus of Srinagar who are refugees in their own country!

So, let us resolve, NEVER to forget the traitors Jai Chand who betrayed Prithvi Raj, Teja Singh who betrayed the Khalsa Army, and JAWAHARLAL NEHRU who betrayed our "Akhand Bharat".

17 Sep 19