Date: 28/09/2019


You came to NON Islamic England for EDUCATION where you could also freely meet and marry the daughter of a wealthy Jew, Sir James Goldsmith. Was such DELIGHTE possible for you in any ISLAMIC republic?

You had inborn talent to play cricket. In which country could you have developed this talent? You got the opportunity easily in England. Would you have met with such luck, fortune, fame and spouse had you gone to Saudi Arabia where Koran is the Constitution, or Medina, the “Riyaasat” of your dreams, or even Afghanistan where they take the teachings of Koran literally with regard to dealing with women and Jews?

Barrister Mohammed Ali Jinnah, a Muslim, showed to the whole world that a Muslim citizen can easily BETRAY and ATTACK the land of his own birth instead of defending it.

People could be “jaahil” in Arabia where Mohammed was born. But look at the Egypt of Pharaohs and Bharat of Sri Krishna, Sri Rama and Gautam Buddha. Look at The ancient city of Palmyra in Syria that flourished as a Roman trading outpost around A.D. 200, that was destroyed by “good” Muslims who also showed their ISLAMIC culture and civilisation to the YAZIDIS.

Look at the temples, dating back centuries before the birth of Mohammed, destroyed in India. All of those nations were most advanced THOUSANDS OF YEARS BEFORE THE BIRTH OF MOHAMMED.

So, where do you wish to take Kashmir after uprooting it from its own ancient civilization?
Please show respect to the ancient country where your Qaid was born, where your own parents and grandparents were born.

In view of this you are supposed to dissolve Pakistan and undo that high treason and destroy your nuclear weapons and attend to PEACE & PROSPERITY of all the people of sub continent. If you want the prosperity of European Union for your own people then the way is through UNITY and PEACE. Any nuclear war will reduce the surviving inhabitants to the level of cave men.

28 Sep 2019