Date: 30/09/2019

In today's TOI , Jeffery Emelt, Chairman and CEO ,of General Electric ( GE) says " Reform Bureaucracy to attract investment. " He has also stated further said that " but reforming a ' permanent' bureaucracy such as the one in India is tough".

I was and am always of the view that real villains in India are not so much of politicians but the BABUDOM of India, who have worked on India's health ( Be it the health of M of D or any other ministry ) like termites. They have eaten into the vitals of the economy like a Cancer. They in particular have eaten the vitals of health and Morale of the Indian Armed Forces, because they want to be bosses of Indian Nation State without any responsibility or of facing people in an election. In fact they have been using and maneuvering Politicians for their selfish gains.

Now Modi is trying hard to kick start the economy but these parasites have vice like grip over everything except your breathing of Air and nothing is moving. You cannot do anything in this country without their permission. Same is the case with OROP for Armed Forces it is these cancerous bureaucracy which does not want it happen " Except over their Dead Body".

Bureaucracy must be killed. They should not be permanent but only temporary assignment of not more than 15 years and should be retired prematurely with a lump-sum amount . They should be taken only laterally from civil who have domain knowledge. Do we all know that in ministry of railways their is no IAS officer, because the day they try to move into Ministry of railways all railways will go on strike and the whole country will be paralyzed. But IAS has total control over M of D. Why? Because Armed Forces neither can go on a strike nor can they Strike.

To render the IAS cancer neutral / ineffective , officers from the Armed Forces too should be allowed to take up IAS exams ( after say 7 yrs of service with reserve liability) , then experts from different domains from civil should be appointed in this service. No generalist (sic) should be taken. Like , why Ministry of Petroleum should have an IAS officer who has been just moved from Agriculture or Animal Husbandry.

They should pick up experts in the relevant field to do the justice. If Mr. Raghuram Rajan can be appointed as Gov of RBI similarly eminent economists should be appointed as Secretary or Additional secretary of Min of Finance for 5 yrs. This is the only way to cleanse this filth and kill the termites. Stop their NFU and retire the dead wood if they don't make the grade for next promotion.Do not allow them to hang around till sixty to earn NFU and other increments. Have them only for 5 to 10 yrs only. Their performance will improve and the Nation can have a breather from their vice like grip.

Lets all of us, as well meaning citizens of the country take it as a campaign in all media channels spread this as next fight for Independence from this cancerous class. Like some one has already suggested mark these people in your area /city and bring out their misdeeds in the open and shame them if we want some progress and economic advancement in the country.