Date: 02/10/2019

Everyone has a different perspective of MK Gandhi. The spectrum goes from despicable coward and Imperial agent to "pujya" father of the nation.

Thus the fact emerges that he was a most controversial figure. He is not on the illustrious podium like Maharana Pratap, Shivaji, Guru Gobind Singhji and Netaji Bose.

All the virtues, piety and fame of an old venerated sadhu go immediately if the last act, or phase, of his life, was devious, dishonest, unethical, treacherous or immoral. LAST ACT is the crucial deciding factor, the litmus test, whether a person is honoured or condemned.

Let us look at the LAST acts of some revered souls in the past:
Sri Krishna. Did he suggest, or silently approve of, surrender by Pandavas before the Kauravas?

Did Sri Ram go on hunger strike or "fast unto death" to move the conscience of Ravana?

Jesus Christ. Did he apologise and repent before the Emperor of Rome to seek release from custody?

The two little (minor) sons of Guru Gobind Singhji when they were offered palaces and princesses if they embraced Islam and adored the Mohammed of Mecca instead of Guru Nanak of Talwandi?

What about the Czars of Russia when Napoleon captured Moscow, and later Hitler's army reached the outskirts of Moscow? Did they seek peace by surrendering vast territories?

And, what about Winston Churchill when the invasion of England was days away and he promised "blood, toil and tears" instead of seeking peace on Hitler's terms?

Now to MK GANDHI who is being celebrated by the IGNORANT & DEMORALISED nation of SLAVES or FOOLS. Following the example of the "Coward of Millennium" they do not even have the breath to utter just one word, "PARTITION!! Isn't it horrendous COVER UP, not to recall Sindh, West Punjab and East Bengal while "celebrating" the TOP leader of the time who was supposed to be OUR MAN in charge?

To put in nutshell:
When a serious threat emerged to the integrity and borders of Bharat, Gandhi, the TOP leader, lost his nerve. He became a pathetic nervous wreck seeking devious devices and cheap compromises like sharing power with the Muslims and having Muslim and Hindu prime ministers on rotational basis, and special job reservations for the Muslims.

In the end he was quite reconciled to the most undignified and humiliating surrender of history when he could not even save the Hindu and Buddhist majority areas and cities (Gilgit and Chittagong)! He felt like a mouse in trap. His best colleague and comrade, Jawaharlal Nehru, deserted him to favour Jinnah and Shaikh Abdullah. Under Gandhi's watch the border fell from Khyber Pass down to Wagah. TENS OF MILLIONS OF CITIZENS OF BHARAT FACED BLOODSHED while millions were killed, tens of millions took to all sorts of escape routes to survive. Gandhi's lacklustre leadership proved LETHAL for the Hindu nation. In the hour of India's extreme PERIL, MK Gandhi was the biggest LIABILITY.

On August 14, 1947 Jinnah celebrated his victory- his conquest of one third of India without firing a shot.
On August 15, 1947, Nehru shamelessly "celebrated" his defeat, while Gandhi was nowhere to be seen. He spent the night sulking and grumbling in his Bhangi Colony. Who delivered the speech: "At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom?" It should have been MK Gandhi, as the top leader ("Mahatma" and "father of the nation", etc.), to address the nation at that midnight!

Gandhi can be exonerated only by one fact: He was born a SLAVE in a colony, not in sovereign Hindusthan. The rulers can educate the subjects the way they like. They can put attitudes like that of servitude, humbleness and obedience while taking away pride, patriotism & independent thinking.

The rulers were so successful in moulding the brain of MK Gandhi that he began to see the patriots as traitors. Please recall his fear of associating with Netaji who somehow escaped brainwashing by the rulers and remained sovereign of his thought & belief till the end.

When a friend asked me to say just TWO sentences about Gandhi, I replied, "I expected him to say, "RISE FOR THE DEFENCE OF YOUR BHARAT MATA. Don't surrender an inch of our TERRITORY!" NB: If a lion would have roared thus, then Gandhi was mouse!

Finally, the idea is not to expose the moral and physical death of Gandhi but to look to the future. The future can be sunshine only if the Hindu nation casts off the SHACKLES called "Gandhi-worship" and becomes a race of warriors where the use of SWORD is justified as the last resort for the righteous cause.

If we are honest and brave to know WHO SAID THAT, then we expect to see his statue a foot HIGHER than that of Sardar Patel in Gujarat. Till then the nation is just like Mohammed Ali Jinnah, attired like a VIP in impressive, expensive, Seville Row (of London) suits while the body was cancer-ridden and death was nigh!

Across the BOGUS BORDER there is another brainwashed, alienated, nation, former Indians, offspring of Hindu ancestors, celebrating the "TRAITOR of MILLENNIUM" who attacked his own land of birth and fragmented it, inflicting a CRUSHING DEFEAT on MK Gandhi!

But he is not the topic for today!

2 Oct 2019