Date: 02/10/2019


On the ominous occasion of the Manhoos anniversary of MKGandhi, Sonia Gandhi, an imported White Elephant says that the Congress only follows the legacy of the DURATMA. Good for her!

This person of unique disgusting character set unprecedented examples of his worst psyche. He preferred to remain in his conjugal bed , when being repeatedly told that his father is breathing his
last. Furthermore, he tests his sexuality and thus virility by sleeping naked with his young grand

Gandhi preferred to be and stayed with the millionairs and billionairs for his "spiritual" and
political activities. So is Congress and Sonia too are a befitting example. Sonia is an implanted or imposed President of the Congress. This party cannot elect a democratic President and have to depend upon this monster till another Qurbani ka Bakra or Manmohan Singh turns up or is created.

This "old" established party loves to stay in power as pigs love to be in mire.

Congress kills Gandhi almost everyday, though Nathuram Godse opened NARAK DWAAR for him
long time ago. This unscruplous , stubborn party is "indeed"true to his legacy, when contrary
to his instructions it has not dismantled itself so far.

Gandhi played the cheap and anti national dirty game of appeasement, divide and rule, ruling by
fooling but this is what Congress is following in true spirits. Gandhi exploited the Hindu instincts to
his advantage and led the country towards disastrous vivisection with unprecedented
consequences and enormous tragedies and perpetual acrimony. Congress has followed him
tooth and nail which suited its evil motives and gave the country problems like Jammu and Kashmir and other menaces.

Congress has followed, on Gandhi's lines policies reducing Hindus to cowardice, submission,
slave mentality and helplessness. It has further given him a fitting tributes by creating a culture
of Ghotalas, Scams, dilution of standards and week administration which could be easily manipulated
for its purpose and undue demands.

Obviously Congress "loves and admires" Gandhi's legacy as dogs do so, with bones thrown at
them, scavenged by them and or snatched by them.