Date: 03/10/2019


One Lahori Musalmaan, living in a splended house, in which a Hindu family used to live till 1947, looked down upon me, a former refugee from Multlan, and said, "All your gurus, avtars and mahatmas are "desi" (that is, natives) but my Mohammed Sahib was a foreigner, hence vastly superior!"

He was so enamoured by the FOREIGN land called "Saudi Arabia" that he even went on to say, "I love dates but not mangoes and I consider a camel more sacred than the cow, and my wife in full black "burka" can pass for any Arab "Khatoon" in the town!"

I was stunned to have a peep into this "desi" Musalmaan's "shrunk" (zombie) mind, adoring everything "FARANGI"!

I could only shed a tear at his abysmal inferiority complex. A thousand years of degrading slavery under the FOREIGNERS, when everything foreign seemed superior and everything desi looked inferior, conditioned the generation after generation of SLAVES into believing that everything- from cars, smart phones, whisky, gin and computers, even holy books and scriptures, are all inferior being "desi", while even a poor au pair (maid) from Italy, who did not even go to university, is considered so superior that millions of natives wish her to replace our "desi" Narendrabhai Modi!

Should there not be a vigorous campaign across the recently (physically and MENTALLY) emancipated Bharat to drum it day and night that "desi" are our own mothers while foreigner was the one who was born in Mecca, as well as the Italian born memsahib Sonia Maino Gandhi?

Perhaps the misguided Pakistanis and Bangladeshis will start looking at Sri Ram, Sri Krishna, Gautam Buddha, Guru Nanak Dev, Guru Arjun and Guru Tegh Bahadur with naked eyes instead of looking at Mecca through powerful binoculars, and then see and experience the Divine and the Truth first hand!

And then they will also relish to discover that they can pray to the Almighty in the language that their mothers speak but not the one that takes a lifetime to learn at the cost of secular education that is required to apply for a job to feed the family!

It is definitely possible that one day the Pakistanis and the Bangladeshis (mental slaves of the FOREIGNER) will send all the books and literature in the Arabic language to ARABIA and then find PLENTY to read in the "desi" languages!.

That is another way to recreate our AKHAND BHARAT- "desi bhojan, desi bhajan, desi bhakti, desi bande, desi bandgi- EK DESH- AKHAND BHARAT or HINDUSTHAN!"
3 Oct 2019