Date: 03/10/2019


Dear all,
The following letter was written on 11.07.2015. It is reproduced for your information.

Dear Sardar Parkash Singh Badal,
Sat Sri Akal.

With great respect and in humility we approach you since you are the Chief Minister of East Punjab, the only Sikh majority State in Bharat.

Many Sikhs regard Punjab as “Guruan di Dharti”, the land of our roots and spirituality. That puts extraordinary limelight on you, the Chief Minister of the State. Some could even regard you being the successor to Maharaja Ranjit Singh or the soul brother of Banda Singh Bahadur or Akali Phula Singh. How do you measure up to their expectations?

No doubt we Sikhs, like the Hindus, have been slaves for centuries. Earlier, the Moguls wanted to finish us off. Then the British took over the Sikh Kingdom in 1849 when they disarmed the Khalsa and started the process of brainwashing to make us loyal to crown.

1947 was the year of utmost disaster for our glorious victorious Panth when we lost most of West Punjab including our historic gurdwaras to Pakistan. Our free access to our historic gurdwaras was cut off.

Several questions arise to which we seek answers from you.

1. Why have you as the Chief Minister of Punjab not questioned the unconditional surrender of West Punjab, especially Lahore and Sri Nankana Sahib, without consulting the Sikhs? You should know that Nehru had NO mandate from people to sign the unconditional surrender of these places that are strongly associated with Sikh history, political power and influence.

2. You, Sir, give the impression of establishing your own Dynastic rule like the discredited Nehru, at the cost of genuine talent & democracy in the State.
In order to keep power within your family you will have to deny freedom of expression to your subjects. Do you think it is right?

3. We entered the present century 15 years ago. Still the State is either medieval or backward in many respects, for example:

4. The police. Why are the police corrupt and callous while dealing with our own people who must be conceded dignity and respect? Your police are known to be very rude and corrupt. Please send a few of them to England to see how the Police behave towards the citizens here!

5. Physically the State is the healthiest in the whole country. Its young men faced the heaviest odds to establish a Sikh Kingdom more than 300 years ago, then extended the borders to include Kashmir and KHYBER Pass.
Sikh young men and women are the same stock even today, your greatest asset. Yet you have watched them killed in their thousands in “fake” encounters by the police and security forces. The result is that a potentially progressive State is now a backward State.
Shame on all the Sikh leaders, including yourself, who did not RELATE to the Sikh youth either as being “Guru ke Laal” or your own race and religion! How is it that you could not discover that “Congress + Dynasty” were the worst enemies of the Sikhs? What they did deliberately and maliciously was to surrender our lands and homes in West Punjab, watch us flee as penniless refugees, trying to seek settlement in wilderness. That was all due to the extremely low calibre of the Sikh leaders and failure of Sikh political acumen.

6. Sports: As mentioned above the Punjabi youth are the healthiest and the fittest in the whole of country. How is it that not one team of sports or athletics has been trained up to international standards? How many world class competitions and matches have your teams won in hockey, tennis, football, volley ball, swimming and running? SHAME.

7. Industry: Why don’t you bring universities and polytechnics up to world standard so we could see manufacturing in Punjab equal the standards in South Korea and Singapore? Why do you REFUSE to be inspired?

8. Immigration: Do you not notice the exodus of the Sikh youth to foreign countries while the “bhayyas” and Muslims are taking their homes and lands. Do you wish to see the Sikhs in MINORITY one day in East Punjab? Ever sat down with your advisers and thought of the implications? Can you not see what is happening in West Bengal due to increase in Muslim population? You must be blind or unfit to rule.

9. Education. What have you done to raise the educational standards so that Punjab gets foreign students like the universities abroad. Shame on you, Sir, that hundreds of Indians have gone to universities in the tiny country called Lithuania while there is not one Lithuanian student in any university in your Punjab! You had to do something about the standard of education, knowing well that Congress+Dynasty wanted to RUIN the education in East Punjab.

10. Fundamentalism: Have you noticed as to how many young boys and girls spend hours on religious studies at the cost of learning manufacturing or skills? Punjab will not develop and become prosperous if the young are pushed into fundamentalism rather than manufacturing, industry, agriculture and commerce.

11. “Raagis” and Granthis. Theirs is a vocation of great learning, practice, commitment and moral rectitude. Yet your government has not attended to their training, employment, progress and promotion and, finally, pension on retirement. Do compare your Sikh granthis with the Christian priests, bishops and cardinals who are far more productive and successful than our Raagis and Granthis who have no career structure and no security in old age. Why do you REFUSE to compare? SHAME.

12. Why have you not set up a Commission to investigate the High Treason of Nehru in surrendering West Punjab without ensuring the safety of Sikh lives, dignity of our women and the loss of lands and farms? Why have you not approached the Centre to try the criminals who instigated or carried out the genocide of Sikhs after the assassination of Mimoona Begum (real name of Indira Gandhi)?

Why have you not set up a Memorial to the Dead of Delhi and also of the DEAD of Amritsar during the army attack in June 1984? Why have you not published a White Paper on the then prime minister’s MALICIOUS and HOSTILE attitude towards the Sikhs, including their refusal to allot Chandigarh to Punjab and their manipulation of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale?

Why don’t you understand that the Sikh youths during 1980’s and 1990p’s were demanding Khalistan BECAUSE THERE IS PAKISTAN!

Pakistan is next door to East Punjab and not “on a distant planet”, or in a different world like Kerala or West Bengal! Hence the impact of creating a fundamentalist ISLAMIC State next door to your East Punjab can be disastrous and devastating. So, were the Sikh youth not justified in demanding Khalistan, especially when SPINE-LESS Hindusthan could not defend Lahore nor EVEN retain Sri Nankana Sahib when the BIG cat threw "territorial crumbs" to the "MICE IN WAITING"?

Also why did you not protest at those “fake” encounters at which the police killed hundreds of our brave young men to RUIN the future of your State?

Now will you hold an enquiry over the illegal and undemocratic surrender of Lahore, the mischievous and malicious attack on Golden Temple in 1984, the State sponsored widespread massacres of the innocent Sikhs in Delhi and beyond, and the cowardly refusal of Centre to try the criminals?

13. Will you attend to a drive for EXPORT under the label, “MADE IN EAST PUNJAB”?

14. Finally, you ought to know that millions of Sikhs living abroad visit Punjab regularly. So, why is there NO “Punjab Airlines” when there is Singapore Airline and even the family owned "Ryan Airline"?

Don’t you feel ashamed, or embarrassed, over the proud Sikhs travelling to the Land of our Gurus sitting on planes of Turkmenistan and Malaysian Airlines?

Come on, Sardar Badal, show guts and wisdom to establish PUNJAB AIRLINES. You may give another name if ashamed of Punjab. What about NISHAAN AIRLINES, NAGAARA AIRLINES, even SAT SRI AKAL AIRLINES? Did you not have a proud SIKH mother?

We hope you will read this letter again, and again, and SIT UP in order to make up for the lost decades of neglect and betrayal by giving a rallying call to your subjects to BEAT THE COMPETITION.

4 October, 2019