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Yours is rare and unique insight into Nehru's anti national destructive policies, actions and ideology.

Despite the poverty and ignorance all round, he chose for himself the most lavish & expensive life style of the Imperial Viceroys, with lofty, autocratic "halo" of authority created around him. Intense State propaganda and Indian "coolie media" raised his profile as the infallible super hero like the "FUEHRER" in Germany, intimidated the high and mighty in the land & dominated the cabinet and the parliament alike, as if they were all his domestic servants.
There wasn't a single voice of dissent whether with regard to Partition or Vidhan. How was it possible that, officially, there was NOT A SINGLE Hindu leader who spoke in serious earnest against Partition, for example, "by going on fast unto death in protest!", or showed a serious commitment towards Akhand Bharat, for example, by taking out demonstrations and processions against the diabolic division of country?

For the HALF A BILLION (then) Hindus to stand silent and motionless like wax figures listening to Nehru's "Independence" speech at midnight 14/15 August 1947, is beyond belief!
Not one in that vast crowd of laughing and jubilant "tamaash-been" ("schaulustige" Idioten) Hindu crowd standing at his feet, brought him down dead, by firing a gun at him at that very moment of United India's DEATH and the nation's DEFEAT!

When the TRAITOR finished his self congratulatory speech the map of India had radically changed with FIVE PROVINCES deleted from it.

It was the defining moment in India' history. In fact, it should have been MK Gandhi, the supreme leader basking in glory at that time, who ought to have addressed the nation at that time. But he was absent- sulking in his hut in "Bhangi Colony" while Nehru, with Devil's audacity and convincing power, mesmerised everyone with that speech from the rampart of Red Fort in Delhi.
The ignorant servile Hindu nation was so beholden to NEHRU that when he, as secret convert to Islam, showed his love for the Arabs the whole of Hindusthan became the best friend of the Arabs.
Everyone began weeping over the Partition of Palestine. Nehru invited Yasser Arafat to offer his condolences and mourn with him. But Arafat never sent condolences over the death of Nehru's own "Akhand Bharat" as a reciprocal gesture. How “low down scum” Nehru thought of his own land of birth, beggars belief!

Nehru took over Bharat in which not a single Hindu temple was seen standing. Yet he did not donate a paisa for the reconstruction of one while ensuring that all the mosques remained well funded and thriving, doing "tableegh" day and night. That was his Secularism!

He never looked at the sacred birth places of Sri Krishna, Sri Rama and Gautam Budha in Bharat that needed to look magnificent and impressive like The Vatican in Rome and St Paul's in London.
He surrendered Guru Nanak Dev's holy birthplace ("Janmasthan) to Pakistan to humiliate the proud Sikhs and insult his followers for ever. And he never looked at any Buddhist country to the East. He badly neglected Hindu Nepal, as well as the Hindus at home!

In fact, the assassination of Nepal's entire Royal family, her economic boycott and land blockade by Bharat in 1980's that brought misery and starvation to the poor country, was an extremely hostile and hurtful act for the Hindus who could not do anything but remain silent, looking at Nehru's anti Hindu legacy unfold.

With Nepal forcibly converted to “Secularism” (without referendum!), and the hostile Islamic (enemy) Republics on EITHER side of India, Nehru and his Dynasty created a "Ring of Death" around our ignorant, simple and obedient "Slave of Dynasty" called Bharat.
Not even the top generals have noticed the shattering demise of the "balance of power" in South Asia and commented on the danger to Hindu existence without the SWORD in the country's flag.
Day by day the situation of law and order in Bharat will be getting WORSE due to increased infiltration, number and clout of Muslims. All because Nehru changed the course, i.e., shifted the line, by an inch in 1947 and made sure that "Broken" Bharat meets with her doom in the end.
The questions that the Hindu nation has to answer are self-evident.

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Here are few other vignettes of 'Bharat Ratns' Nehru . Almost all problems India is facing to day,with China,Pakistan and in economy as well could be traced to most formative years of India when he was at the helm. It was rather good fortune of India, there were still patriots then who could over come Nehru's policies and save what ever they can. And one of them paid with his life.

1. Original partition plan of Nehru , Jinnah and Gandhi envisaged giveing away entire Punjab and Bengal to Pakistan since they had Moslem majority then. But Shyama Prasad Mookerji ,insisted on the division of these states on basis of Hindu vs Moslem majority. He prevailed with British then since after all this was the logic they used to partition India between 'two nations.'
The result is India at least gained some space.
Nehru complained in Parliament that Shyama Prasad Mookerji is also communal in insisting such division.

Shyama Prasad Mookerji replied, "I divided Pakistan, while you divided India" !

Nehru had no answer. Mookerji paid with his life when he went to Kashmir defying order to have pass port to enter 'integral part of India'. He died in Shaikh Abdullah jail there. Even when any ordinary prisoner dies in prison, there will be formal judicial enquiry. But not in this case.

2. Only when Nehru was out of country on one of his jaunts , to attend some Common wealth gathering in London, Sardar Patel became acting Prime Minister. By that time Gandhi left the world as well.
Patel then only could take 'police action' in Hyderabad. This halted creation of another (south) Pakistan and also halted Razakar's massacres of Hindus.
By passing Sardar Patel as Prime Minister to start with was another Himalayan blunder by Gandhi.
However it was good fortune for India even for a short time, there was Sardar Patel.

3.Nehru's socialistic pattern of society in economy was an unmitigated disaster that brought India to brink of bankruptsy. Only when India started to dismantle this socialism , when PV Narasimha Rao initiated reforms, then only India could show progress.

When Jayaprakash Narayan was being hauled to jail during 'emergency' when democracy was being dismantled, he remarked that one day democracy will be put back.
And it did happen in 19 months.
Similarly all Himalayan blunders,gaping policy deficiencies of yester years that stymied growth, progress and development of India will also be corrected for sure.