Date: 08/10/2019


What did Dussehra mean to MK Gandhi who is much admired by Shri Narendra Modi?

Sri Ram KILLED the enemy. Gandhi "licked" the foot of Jinnah by appeasing him, by appealing to him to save UNITY of country, by crying before him for mercy on Bharat, by NOT raising the alarm, by NOT giving call to the nation to RETALIATE, by going silent, by vanishing from the "battle field", by singing "Ishwar ALLAH tero naam", by insisting on "Ahimsa Parmo Dharma", by treating fellow Hindus like JACKALS but fearing the Muslims like WOLVES!

Honestly, there was ONE man who could have stopped Partition. And he was MK Gandhi, our "Mahatma", the "Father" of our nation! But what a SHAME: The India in which he was born was VASTLY DIFFERENT from the India in which he died- in disgrace and FAILURE.

Not once did Gandhi use the word "traitor" for Jinnah. Please look through all the "hundred" volumes of his biography printed at public expense to see if MK ever called Jinnah a "traitor"! On the contrary he called him "Jinnahbhai" (BROTHER Jinnah)! (That is when West Punjab was covered in blood and "burning" with MILLIONS of Gandhi's fellow Hindus fleeing to save lives!)

Was asking to break up India to create Pakistan an act of patriotism or TREASON? WHY COULD MK NOT SEE PARTITION THIS WAY? When India was trisected Gandhi was as much a TRAITOR (through surrender & cowardice) as Jinnah (through naked aggression)!

What would RUSSIA look like today HAD GANDHI "LED" THE NATION while Napoleon's French army was approaching Moscow?

What would RUSSIA look like today HAD GANDHI "LED" THE NATION while Hiitler's German army was approaching Moscow?

Surely Gandhi also heard of Winston Churchill's speech of "blood, tears & toil", the call to the nation to REPULSE the German attack till the last breath in body. What did MK Gandhi say to his nation to repel the ISLAMIC onslaught in 1947 that disfigured and shrank India BEYOND RECOGNITION?