Date: 16/10/2019

You seem to be from SOUTH India. It was in NORTH India where communal battles raged, where Islam could become a determining force that picked up Gandhi like straw in the whirlwind of events, far beyond his imagination and control, and he landed on earth "DEAD" when United India, too, died.

We don't know your commitment to United (Akhand) Bharat or to Dhaka and Lahore. You have said not a word about the Hindus who PERISHED there but mention him as the "icon of nationalism", totally detached from reality on ground. On ground Gandhi was seen vanishing at the speed of an arrow to hide his shame and IMPOTENCE. His India died before his eyes. And you do not seem to have heard his brave boast, "INDIA WILL BE CUT UPON MY DEAD BODY!" You may not have heard him declare this, but each and every MAN, WOMAN & CHILD in the five provinces that were surrendered to the "butchers", heard his pledge & commitment loud and clear, and STAYED PUT, trusting him, eventually to be WIPED OUT.

A hundred times the PATRIOTS have recounted instances of great leaders like Churchill who IN THE TIME OF CRISIS did not vanish from public view but declared, "We'll FIGHT till the last breath in our bodies but not let the enemy occupy an INCH of our motherland." Gandhi's ENEMIES captured one third of his Bharat Mata with utmost ease and utmost speed, and he could not even abuse or curse the killers and rapists, leave aside confronting or defying them, and even INSPIRING his followers to offer token resistance!

Gandhi does not belong to that class of great leaders who UNITE the nation, who INSPIRE their followers and who achieve RESULTS. He belongs to those who shine on the Government lit stage and with the support of "coolie" media, but when REALITY stares in the face, shut their eyes like the pigeon seeing the cat approaching.

Evidently you do not relate to Akhand Bharast, nor to Lahore, nor to Dhaka & Chittagong, and evidently you do NOT relate to the two million fellow Hindus slaughtered and thousands of innocent Hindu girls raped and killed when Gandhi DISAPPEARED from scene. Many of us, still alive, did NOT sign that "Document of Unconditional Surrender of India, 1947", that Gandhi SIGNED without protest, resistance or fast.

Gandhi is also proving DEADLY DIVISIVE. Some carrying him on shoulders while the others dumping him on the cremation pyre. The whole world praises Gandhi and also Christ but the pragmatic also have strong ARMED FORCES to defend themselves AND THEIR TERRITORY, since they are much wiser by Gandhi's ignominious COLLAPSE. They praise pacifist Gandhi to keep the Hindus WEAK & ignorant fools, detached from REALITY so that they in turn catch the Bharatiya sparrow by the neck and "fry it for dinner".

Those who still play the Gandhi fiddle do NOT "relate" to fellow Hindus from Sindh, Balochistan, West Punjab, NWFP and East Bengal who PERISHED. They do NOT relate to fellow Hindus who perished in 1947 due to an extremely WEAK and UNINSPIRING "GOAT" like GANDHI.

We had a "LION", too, but he was pushed away by devious Gandhi, son of a bunya, who offered the "throne" to NEHRU, to loot, plunder and exploit the nation and establish his DYNASTIC rule to hand over the country to his own autocratic arrogant and stone-hearted daughter Maimuna Begum. How she fanned corruption through scams and declared Emergency, ought to be known to the esteemed writer below.

What an IRONY: You write about your own hero, "We had our own local legendary hero Alluri Sitarama Raju, a revolutionary who waged guerilla warfare against the British rulers."
Did you say guerilla WARFARE? And yet you commend a coward who fainted hearing the word "warfare", but INSISTED on Ahimsa parmo Dharma till his death!

6 Oct 2019

NB: Destiny has not spoken the LAST word yet on Gandhi's (MIDDLE) fragment of India called "Bharat". Gandhi's legacy (of defeat due to "Ahimsa Parmo Dharma") has dirtied the communal waters through Partition (and DIVISION) and severely weakened the defence potential of Bharat. He may be "internationally recognized." He has to be recognized by his own "BROKEN BLEEDING" BHARAT first!

Gandhi may have resisted foreign occupation but he could NOT resist DEFEAT & TERRITORIAL SURRENDER of his own motherland! And the final result matters. The final result is the disgusting map of "broken" Bharat with border at Atari, not at Khyber Pass! Does it matter to you, Sir?

Please do not forget, besides Gandhi boasting of "defeating" Partition, there were thousands of ordinary citizens who also pledged to defend United India in 1947. But when Gandhi and Nehru collapsed, they, too, cut a very sorry and shameful figure and lived in the memory of that disgusting DEFEAT & SURRENDER till death.