INVISIBLE MIGHT OF NATURE. Royal couple’s plane diverted.

Date: 18/10/2019

INVISIBLE MIGHT OF NATURE. Royal couple’s plane diverted.

News published in The Daily Telegraph, London, dated October 18, 2019, p. 12.

Royal couple’s plane diverted in electrical storm alert

By Ben Farmer in Lahore
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had their flight diverted during the fourth day of their Pakisan tour after it as buffeted by an electrical storm.

The couple and their entourage of aides, diplomats and the press were jolted by heavy turbulence as the RAF Voyager returned from a day in Lahore.

The pilot spent an hour circling the capital Islamabad, and twice failed to land because of the storm.
It eventually returned to Lahore, where the couple had spent the day visiting a cricketing academy, an historic mosque and a cancer hospital.

Back on the tarmac in the city, the Duke walked through the plane to see if the press were fine and joked that he had been flying the plane. He is a former air ambulance pilot.
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I am not superstitious but do believe that there is a superhuman invisible supernatural extra-terrestrial force that influences or even guides our lives on earth.

At the time of Partition in 1947 the area between the districts of Rawalpindi and Lahore became the KILLING GROUND for the Hindu and Sikh inhabitants. Hundreds of thousands of innocent citizens were butchered in the most cruel and horrible manner.

Many girls and women jumped into wells and some proud fathers killed their own daughters to save their honour, to prevent them from falling into the hands of the followers of the “Prophet of peace”.

Thousands of young girls were forcibly abducted and gang raped. Most died badly injured and bleedingt while some were forcibly converted to Islam and made to produce more “Mohammeds” for the “Land of the Holy”. The world of human dignity, tolerance, secularism & mercy looked the other way.

To the despicable lot in Bharat, including "Lok Sabha", for whom “Partition” is unmentionable or conveniently relegated to “history”, we may mention the fate of the YAZIDI community of more recent past, and what they went through in 2015.

Unlike the accounts of the massacres, rape and abuse of the captive Hindu/Sikh females in West Punjab, the world is very well informed about every small and big detail in the case of the YAZIDIS since the world media covered the beheadings, murders, abduction, rape and the sale of females, a common practice for the Muslim invaders and terrorists (e.g., Boko Haram), in great detail and more extensively. Another recent case: the abduction of over 300 school girls in Nigeria for rape and slavery.

So, what is the explanation of that mysterious “electrical storm” that suddenly appeared to shake the Royal Air Force plane so violently as to force it to turn back to Lahore? Why couldn’t it land at Islamabad Airport?

One explanation is this: All the agonized souls of hundreds of thousands of the murdered, the abducted and the raped girls and women in 1947, gathered in the shape of that electrical storm and threatened to destroy the aeroplane on the soil of "Prophet of Peace".

The souls of our ancestors are angry since the LAND belonged to Hindusthan that was tricked, bullied or forced to surrender it to the followers of the “Prophet of Peace” whose teachings also inspired those who destroyed the World Trade Centre Towers in New York. Did they spare a thought for those thousands of employees working INSIDE?

One can be sure that an "electrical storm" will also one day bring down an aeroplane over New York when the agonized souls of the three thousand innocent victims cry out in unison.

18 Oct 2019.